Kung Fu: Why Nicky Can’t [SPOILER], But Zhilan Can

In the premiere of the Kung Fu series, the villainous Zhilan was able to do something that the main character, Nicky (Olivia Liang), couldn’t. What is the reason?

Warning: SPOILERS for the Kung Fu first of the series.

In the Kung Fu series premiere, Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman) was able to hold the magic sword, but Nicky (Olivia Liang) couldn’t touch it without getting burned. It looks like Zhilan, the character who murdered Nicky’s master, may be the main villain of the season. His attack on the Shaolin Temple and the theft of the sword is what started Nicky’s story during the CW reboot in the 1970s. Kung Fu TV show.

Based on what Nicky learned from Henry (Eddie Liu), Zhilan and the Sword will be central to the overall plot of the series. Thanks to Henry’s knowledge of ancient Chinese history, Nicky discovered the origins of the sword that was under the protection of the Shaolin Temple. Apparently, it is called the sword of Liang Diayu. It once belonged to a Tang Dynasty warrior. There are legends that say so and seven other weapons were enchanted by a wizard. Zhilan, who has his hands on the sword, will now start looking for the remaining seven weapons.

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One problem that Olivia Liang’s character didn’t understand was the fact that Zhilan could wield the sword with ease, while he wouldn’t let her hold it. It glowed green as soon as she grabbed the handle and then marked her hand with a cryptic message on her skin. According to Henry, the full power of the sword can only be harnessed by its “rightful owner“. This led Nicky to speculate that this person is Zhilan, considering that he was not affected in the same way by his touch. As to how she would be recognized as its owner, it is possible that she is a descendant of Liang Diayu or the wizard who originally enchanted her with magic.

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While Zhilan’s legacy is the key seems plausible, there’s a reason Nicky’s theory about him might be wrong. Pei-Ling (Vanessa Kai), the abbot of the Shaolin Temple, claimed that the sword was not intended for Zhilan. This suggests that she knew something about the sword (and Zhilan) that Nicky doesn’t. If so, there must be a different explanation why she can’t use it.

It could be that the correct answer has already been revealed during Zhilan’s meeting with Nicky. The villain said: “the sword is too powerful for you.“If she’s right, that would mean Nicky needs to train more; it’s not that she can’t handle it at all. In many kung fu stories that involve magic, becoming more powerful often requires strengthening your internal energy, or “chi“. If the series follows a similar concept, Nicky may not have enough mental discipline or internal energy to control Liang Diayu’s sword power.

If so, Nicky may need to get stronger as Kung Fu The Season 1 story continues to unfold, or at least figure out what the message on her hand means, because that could point her in the right direction. If Nicky can’t find a way to overcome this obstacle, she may not be able to get the other seven weapons before Zhilan can. They could be protected by the same magic.

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