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Russia is a transcontinental country. It is the largest country in the world and is in Eastern Europe and North Asia. It is a diverse nation that shares its borders with many countries — Norway, Estonia, Finland, China, North Korea, Mongolia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. It is the peak autumn season that enters Russia, in the month of October. The temperature decreases further during this month. The average temperature is 6 ° C and the maximum temperature is 8 ° C. The minimum temperature is 3 ° C.

October is the perfect time to visit Russia as the cities are less crowded and filled with beautiful autumn colors. It is warm and comfortable indoors. It rains all at once. Therefore, all can enjoy cold, cosmic and rain in a single month. Also, winters can be very cold in Russia and it is better to avoid going to Russia after October. As of October, all summer visitors are already gone and therefore, there will be no hurry. City speed decreases and it becomes easy to get ballet and opera tickets. Summers are hot and humid. Mosquitoes are common in summer. Also, prices tend to be expensive.

Popular events and festivals in Russia in October

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  • Central Exhibition Science Festival
  • Ensemble: Festival Musica Mensurata
  • Ensemble: The race takes place in the former Winter Olympic Park
  • Free museum days in Moscow It will be held in the third week of October.
  • Sharad Mela Khana in happiness (30 September to 4 October) – It provides information about healthy lifestyle, education, development, comfortable home, clothes, shoes, accessories, food etc. Anyone can sell and / or buy at this fair. It occurs in Tumen, Russia.
  • Motor Expo Show (1st-4th October) – It will be in Siberia International Exhibition and Trade Center, Krasnoyarsk
  • Inter-exhibition and sale of antiques and collectibles (world of antique salons and entertainment) – It is visited by more than 10,000 people every year. People who are passionate about antiques, vintage products and collectors gather here to see this exhibition. The exhibition will begin on October 1 and will conclude on the 4th. Many rare items are found here.
  • The ballet
  • Theater festival
  • Opera
  • Sharad Mela (10 to 11 October) – Agricultural products, culinary, consumer goods, foods and beverages are available in this fair. It will be in Arkhangelsk.
  • Education Fair (8 October) – It will be in the Lotte Hotel Vladivostok. Candidates and their parents can meet representatives of various educational institutions.

Visiting Russia in October matters a lot financially as the increased tourist prices will once again return to normal rates as all summer tourists will leave by October. There will be less congestion and hence business owners will want to attract customers with prices competitive to their competitive pocket. Opera and theater tickets will be readily available. Flying to Russia is the cheapest in late October, November, March and August but, traveling in October has many benefits! In summer, the main tourist places are crowded. Hotel prices will be cheap train tickets will be cheap
Russia is cheap for Indians. 1 rupee is equal to 1.07 rubles.

5 places to visit in Russia in October

Some of the best places to visit in Russia in October to witness cultural, historical and architectural attractions are:

1. Peter’s Fountains

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It is the most famous collection of fountains. It attracts millions of visitors every year. It is basically a park with several fountains spread over it. It is located outside the Peterhoff Palace in Russia. It is one of the best places to visit in Russia in October.

2. Pushkin’s Park

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It is one of the most beautiful parks in Saransk, in Mordovia, Russia. It is about 40 hectares. The park is a leisurely place for people of all ages. Many events are hosted here. Pushkin Park has 3 main attractions and they are, a big wheel, a brass band and a train for children and their parents. The brass band plays every Sunday.

3. Golden Ring Countryside

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The Golden Ring is basically a collection of many small towns and cities which are located in the north-eastern part of Moscow. It is quiet and peaceful with a view of the beautiful countryside. One can enjoy the ancient architecture here.

4. Lake Baikal

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Lake Baikal is an ancient mountain lake close to the Mongolian border. It is the deepest lake in the world and has a large network of hiking roads, known as Baikal Trail. Dog-sledding, winter-time ice skating, wildlife spotting are common activities for tourists here.

5. Amber Room

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It is located in Catherine’s Palace. This room has been renovated several times. Many officials hid treasures here behind wallpaper to hide from the Nazis during World War II. This room has gold rigs and mirrors and is a wonderful view.

5 things to do in Russia in October

Here are the most interesting things to do in Russia with your family and friends in October:

1. Samara Educational Opera and Ballet Theater

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Your evening can be made something very special by watching performances at the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Decorations, ballet, symphony orchestra, costumes, music and dance; Everything here is special.

place: Ploshchad ‘Kuybysheva, 1, Samara, Samarskaya Oblast’, Russia, 443010
Time: 10 AM to 7 PM

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2. Red Valley Skiing

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It is the heart of skiing and snowboarding. The venue hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics. It has wide and varied slopes that are perfect for skiing and snowboarding. It is one of the top adventure things to try in Russia.

3. Star City Zero Gravity Flight

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It is located in outer Moscow. It is a training center for Cosmonauts. Here, one can dive into the past and leap into the future. Several years ago, the Soviet military facility took the place to a serious level by hiding it from all maps. It was not present on any map. There was no record about this place. If you want an adrenaline rush, go for a fake rocket launch or zero gravity flight. It is a unique experience and should not be missed.

place- Zvezhdny Gorodok, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 141160

4. Lenin’s Tomb

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It is a stunning attraction center for tourists. It is considered a ‘modern mummy’ in today’s world. Vladimir Lenin’s body is excreted and is located within a granite and labradorite pyramid.

place: Lal Chowk, Moscow, 109012

5. Laika Memorial

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Lyka was a Russian mutant. He is the first animal to go into space. Before being sent to space in the year 1957, the sweet dog was trained and fitted in a space suit. This place has been built to mark the bond between humans and dogs that has been around for centuries. It nurtures the friendship between a man and a dog. This monument was built in 2008.

place: Moscow, Russia

Rich history, world famous art and architecture, hospitality and fascinating culture are some of the reasons why you should visit Russia. If you are feeling adventurous, then Russia is the right place for you as it offers a wide range of adventure activities. This is perfect for experience seekers, globe trotters, history lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts, families and religious people. The temple is a unique feature for all religions about Russia. October is a perfect time to travel to Russia because everything is cheap and the landscape mesmerizes.

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Frequently asked questions about Russia in October

Q. Is Russia a safe place to travel?

a. Russia is normally a safe country. There are some risky areas that one should try to avoid, like the border with Ukraine. The Trans-Siberian route is safe.

Q. English is spoken in Moscow?

a. Moscow is the most foreign-friendly city of Russia. All metro stops have been announced in English and most signs have translations. 1 in 7 people can speak English. Google Translator can be very useful.

Q. What do they eat in Russia?

a. The main course can be beef, straganoff, chicken or meat in any form, fish in any form and veggies.

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