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Quiet, wild and amazing, Costa Rica is admired by many tourists as well as being a safe place for holidays. Truly an adventure paradise, Costa Rica National Park boasts active volcanoes and beaches. The fascinating cultural history of this place makes it the perfect paradise to see Costa Rica. You will be absolutely amazed by the magnificent sights and amazing hospitality this place provides.

Costa Rica has rugged terrain, beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, exotic marine life, ample space for snorkeling. Costa Rica gives you a mind-blowing experience, which will affect your brain. The emerald crystal blue waters of the Caribbean coast will allow you to explore magical sea life in its entirety. Costa rica in december Not only does Balmy adapt to the weather, but also hosts events full of music and lights. You can also find locals dressed as cowboys and must watch the horse parade.

Weather in costa rica in december

Costa Rica is in its full glory during the month of Christmas. Rain and summer are the two major seasons that have been divided into Costa Rica. If you are visiting Costa Rica in December, it is the peak tourist travel season. This eye-michoni of Costa Rica equates the maximum number of Costa Ricans and foreigners. In the month of December you can experience a great weather. It has an ideal weather that boasts of sunshine, rainforest, and plenty of sun-kissed beaches.

7 places to visit in Costa Rica in December

Here is an ultimate Costa Rica travel guidebook that will provide all the information about this awesome destination. For a rejuvenating and fulfilling holiday, have a glimpse at the top places to visit in Costa Rica and enjoy a Bammy vacation in the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica.

1. Monteverde Cloud Reserve Forest

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Monteverre is a delightful city that is placed in the hilly region of the country. One of the best places to visit in Costa Rica in December, it has terrific landscapes that will surely amaze you. It is an important attraction for biodiversity with a lot of flora and fauna. Orchids are found abundantly in the Monteverde region. For those who love nature, it provides comfortable accommodation to travelers.

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2. Guanacaste Beach

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Do you want to go to a beach where celebrities party? Then visit these Guanacaste beaches, a favorite destination for iconic celebrities such as Sophia Vergara, Kim Kardashian and Mel Gibson. Many beaches extend along the Guanacaste Pacific coast. The beautiful weather and crystal clear waters of the Pacific coast are known for terrific surfing opportunities. Sunbathing, horse riding, travelers and diving are some of the adventure activities that you can adopt.

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3. Arnal Volcano

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One of the great places to visit in Costa Rica is the Armen Volcano, a stunning mountain with amazing symmetry. By going through the hot springs and rainforest bikes, hike to the volcano, which is located in the Arnan Volcano National Park. For more than 30 years, hotels in the region have been filled with amazing views of lava and red-hot boulders, which are lifted from the sparks of volcanoes operating in the dark.

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4. Celeste River

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Among the top tourist attractions of Costa Rica, the Celeste River attracts tourists from all over the world. The unique aqua blue color of the river will definitely leave you inseparable. Surrounded by hot springs and springs, it takes an hour trek from the entrance of Celeste River Park.

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5. Pachure River

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The Pachuare River is covered in whitewater kayaking, riverboarding and white water rafting, which flows 108 kilometers across the Caribbean. Surrounding the rainforest are exotic animals such as ocelots, jaguars and monkeys. Also, it has been tagged between 5 rivers for inclusion in rafting. Isn’t it long? Not only fond of adventure, but these awesome destinations are known for their scenic beauty. Primitive rainforests with waterfalls and pools of waterfalls that invite you to swim and enjoy peace.

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6. San Jose

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One of the excellent places to travel in Costa Rica, the capital city of San Jose is fully lit and slightly cluttered. This diverse city, rich in culture and history, adequately hosts tourist attractions, art galleries and museums. This modern city, coupled with a museum with abundant eating, sleeping and drinking places, is the best bet to make your holiday truly memorable. It is one of the top places to visit in Costa Rica in December, to make your vacation complete and memorable.

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7. Tamarind

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Tamarind is the surfing capital of Central America and a prime place to travel to Costa Rica. The lovely beach and thriving nightlife of Talindo will surely make your vacation memorable. This place is one of the most famous destinations in the province of Guanacaste. Relax at the edge of tamarind, enjoying a spectacular view of the sunset.

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6 things to do in Costa Rica in December

When you’re done with places to visit in Costa Rica, here’s a list of adventure activities to squeeze into your bucket list.

1. indulge in white water rafting

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Surrounded by numerous rivers, Costa Rica is full of moisture and forests. The Pachure River and Rio Naranjo are the best river rafting destinations in Costa Rica. Do rafting in the Tenorio River located in the Guanacaste area. Arenal Volcano is yet another white water rafting spot on the head.

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2. Go snorkeling

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Snorkeling is one of the terrible things to do in Costa Rica in December. If you love beach towns that are dazzled by Caribbean charm then Costa Rica simply needs to be on your bucket list. Whenever you are near the sea, look for places where snorkeling is done and get a glimpse of the aquatic life of the Pacific and Caribbean. Cahuita National Park, Corcovado National Park, Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and Playa San Josecito are the best places to snorkel and explore the beautiful coral reefs.

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3. Zipline through the forest

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Surrounded by vibrant greenery and varied heights, Costa Rica is the perfect place to do zip lining. Fly like a bird in the air and enjoy the stunning view from above. Most zipping centers are placed inland near the cloud forest.

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4. Try Canyoneering

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All adventure devils try canyoning in this terrible destination. Rock Valley can be explored using harnesses and ropes. Jump, climb and scramble over this rocky landscape. Possibly, water is harvested right next to the waterfall. This activity involves high risk so make sure that you do this activity under the supervision of a specialist company.

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5. Immerse in Hot Springs

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Many active volcanoes are available in central Costa Rica. Natural hot springs have become the best tourist attraction. You can find enough hot springs in Central Costa Rica because there is a volcanic active area. If you plan to live near La Fortuna Area or Arenal Volcano, there are several hot springs to get your attention.

Rejuvenate at the thermal springs at Arenal, where you can also enjoy spa facilities. One can enjoy a particularly relaxing spa when it is raining. If you are looking for a hot spring outside of central Costa Rica, visit the Wandara Hot Springs in Rincon de la Visa National Park. The natural hot springs are rich in nutrients, mud and soil. They rub themselves for natural skin treatments.

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6. Enjoy the Safari Float in the Corbisi River

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Sorting among the top things to do in Costa Rica is to go on a safari float on the Corribisi River. On a fleet boat, swim in the Corobisi or Tenorio River for two hours and spend some precious time with your loved ones. You can see endless birds, crocodiles, monkeys and iguana in this river.

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Visiting Costa Rica in December is the right decision. Make a perfect plan for your vacation in Costa Rica by taking a look at the above guide. For a hassle-free international holiday with TravelTriangle, explore the beaches, rich culture and architecture of places to experience a delightful holiday!

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Frequently asked questions about Costa Rica in December

Q. What are the best places to visit in Costa Rica in December?

a. San José, La Fortuna, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio National Park are the most amazing destinations in Costa Rica that you should visit in December.

Q. Is December a good time to visit Costa Rica?

a. The best time to visit Costa Rica is from mid-December to April. It is a tourist season that makes it suitable for exploring rainforests and beaches.

Q. How is Costa Rica in December?

a. During the month of December, the Terai and the beaches experience high temperatures. In addition, the place is in full glory with the celebration of Christmas all around.

Q. Is Costa Rica busy in December?

a. December is both a terrific time to visit this busy place. Since December is a holiday month for school children, most people are on holiday.

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