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The month of May has a warm climate in Croatia and is also the beginning of the tourist season in many cities and islands. This is not the hottest time, it is the perfect time where the temperature starts climbing higher and is suitable for individuals who are not lovers of summer vacation. The best time to see the different sights of Croatia is because it offers beautiful views because the sun is not so hot at that time. We will talk about many things here Croatia in May Month with interesting things to do and places to visit.

If you and your children have school holidays, Can be in croatia Best time to go there and have fun. You can expect spectacular bright days that are perfect for swimming and sunbathing in the ocean, with all visitors who are ready for action, although no rush.

Weather in Croatia in May



In May, the climate is like this:

  • The highest (maximum) temperature is 21.5 ° C.
  • The lowest (minimum) temperature is 15.3 ° C.

Reasons to travel to Croatia in May


A number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites exist in Croatia, including a city named Dubrovnik, known as home to many historical and buildings that make it the city of culture that it is today. The design itself is the reason for traveling to Dubrovnik. It also places UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Diocletian Palace at the center and now forms a great part. Croatia reaches a peak of around 19 degrees in May temperatures, useful for the start of your late spring tan, yet not too hot that it will allow you to go out during the day.

In the summer months temperatures, then temperatures can often go up to 30 degrees. Suitable time to experience many activities. You can explore Croatia in May, for example, climbing amazing mountains and riding bikes on beautiful bicycle trails. The harsh climate in May makes it a point to explore the strolling trails at Krka National Park in Sibenik where you need to enjoy natural wildlife and even amazing waterfalls.

Parties in Croatia in May

There are several festivals that begin in May via Croatia. For those who are looking for a holiday party, then yes Croatia is the spot to be in this summer months.

Economic aspects of the trip in May

Croatia’s economy is a growing high service-based economy with tertiary. As indicated by Hilly Consultants, Croatia’s trade is supported by its following. The consequences of its development are realized through the economy of Croatia as far as tourism is considered.

So, whether you are looking for a party place for spring break or need to see the authentic historical places of Croatia in May, an exceptional villa in Croatia is without a doubt the one you can visit for your holiday . Discover and experience villa spots through Croatia and find the perfect villa right for you!

Best places to visit in Croatia in May

Here is a list of the best places you should travel without, which will be known as incomplete or not memorable:

1. Krka National Park



It is located in Central Dalmia, Croatia, where Krka National Park is a protected area of ​​natural scenery, natural life, wildlife and historical places. Different paths lead directly out of the waterfall, displaying the astonishing possibilities of photographs.

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2. Zagreb

The building


The capital and largest city of Croatia, Zagreb is the city that will complete your journey with memorable moments.

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3. Corcula

City scene


Koruka has rich green backwoods, vineyards, olive forests, sand beaches and so on. Koruka Town is a memorable city with various markets.

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4. Pula



Pula is a famous site which has been a tourist attraction since the ancient Roman period.

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5. Rovinj



Rovinj is an archipelago of 20 islands, with its old city set. You can get information about archeology there.

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Best things to do in Croatia in May

Here is the list of things that you can do and have fun while visiting Croatia in May:

1. National Park Hiking



Croatia has about eight national parks, each with its own beauty and charm. Its popular national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and no doubt. Here we will go hiking and trekking in the beautiful national parks, and can see the fascinating scenery.

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2. Zagreb Food Tour

Food tour


The explorers do not include Zagreb in their tour plans and that is why they miss doing the best things in Croatia. The city offers uncountable and adventurous things to do in Croatia in May, but the best activity for it is to face its flourishing food scene. You will find many restaurants, cafes, including all that are international as well as fusion items, and diners that serve traditional Croatian food.

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3. Waterfall excursions



Croatia has a varied number of best activities to do, including festivals as well as carnivals. But the most fascinating part or you can say that the view of the nation here is a frozen waterfall that just seems so beautiful and natural, that no one can take their eyes off it. It is one of the most amazing and free activities you can do in Croatia that can really fill your heart with this beautiful nature.

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4. Sibnik Day Tour

River bank


About a thousand years ago, Sibenik is only one of the Dalmatian shores that was generally neglected and was in inferior cities. But it was past and in keeping with the past, the city has undergone two or three wars, wind and hot temperatures over the course of several years. But history lovers would love to go there and discover the stone there.

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5. Mascara festival

Mascara festival


It is also called a Carnival of Croatia, where the mask is one of the most famous carnivals held in Croatia. It happens every year and is considered one of the fun activities in Croatia. Individuals from all parts of the city and towns come to the soul of the mascara and participate.

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So, if you are planning a trip to Croatia in the month of May, then you can get ready with this guide above, so that not only do you have to prepare for your trip to Croatia, but also do not miss your best attractions. Make the trip memorable.

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Frequently asked questions about Croatia in May

Q. Is it worth coming to Croatia in May?

a. Yes, this is the tourist season in the month of Croatia.

Q. Which is the best time to visit Croatia?

a. The month of May is the travel season there and it is the best time to visit Croatia.

Q. What are the best things in Croatia?

a. You can go for a fun and memorable tour for adventure activities like trekking, waterfalls, hiking etc.

Q. Is Croatia a safe country?

a. Yes, it is very safe, especially for women. They can travel alone here in Croatia and have a fun trip.

Q. Is the best time to visit Croatia?

a. The answer is yes because it is a festival of tourism and is known as the best time to visit Croatia.

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