King Shark Meets Baby Shark in Suicide Squad Mashup Video

The recent children’s song phenomenon Baby Shark plays over The Suicide Squad’s King Shark committing acts of grotesque violence – hilarity ensues.

King Shark, the half-shark, half-man juggernaut of The Suicide Squad, features in a hilarious Baby Shark music video with the children’s song playing over footage from the trailer. Most often portrayed as the son of a human woman and a Pacific god, King Shark blends the cunning of man with the raw strength of a shark and begrudgingly joins the Suicide Squad with a bomb lashed to his waist. As such, he features as a primary player in James Gunn’s reboot of the 2016 film that fans and critics alike found middling at best.

Baby Shark is the name of an animated music video that one must have been living under a rock to just be hearing about now. To some, Korean edutainment company Pinkfong’s nautical tune is a cute diddy, though parents whose children have access to YouTube might not characterize it quite as indifferently. Kids far and wide are familiar with the chorus introducing various members of the shark family followed by a slew of “do-do-dos.” Soft as it seems, Baby Shark is the most-viewed YouTube video of all time, sitting at over 8.21 billion views – more than the population of the Earth. With those kinds of numbers, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon and, indeed, Nickelodeon is airing a preschool program of the same name.

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Writer/director Gunn shared a video bringing the two sharks together. A short section of the song plays over footage of King Shark gnawing on parts of a human being, tearing a soldier in half, and shoving a victim headfirst into his gaping maw. The video is watermarked @dceuflix and is evidently a repost of the smaller Twitter user’s fan edit. Check out the insanity below:

There is of course something undoubtedly tickling about the juxtaposition of something so innocent and something so depraved, it’s only made funnier by the fact that Gunn himself shared it. As a frequent fixture of the DC in various incarnations, there may be a version of King Shark who would bop his head along to the song. In a change of pace, the King Shark of the Harley Quinn animated series on HBO Max is a mild-mannered computer wiz who resents the assumption that he’s some kind of monster. Fans were unsure where exactly Gunn’s King Shark would fall, but as he’s voiced by action star Sylvester Stallone, it seems this King Shark will be a source of chaos rather than a one-liner machine.

If anyone knows how to wring comedy out of the former, it’s Gunn. Fans of King Shark probably wouldn’t mind seeing him as an unhinged machine, but nuance is never unappreciated. Man of four words Groot rocketed to superstardom under Gunn’s direction and wrestler-turned beloved actor Dave Bautista enthralled audiences with his sincere thick-headedness as Drax the Destroyer. Gunn has thought long and hard about the right way to portray King Shark, and The Suicide Squad may just shape up to be his most iconic appearance yet.

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Source: James Gunn/dceuflix via Twitter

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