King Juan Carlos in exile. What happens to the Spanish court?

Felipe and Letizia send Juan Carlos into exile: that’s what happened

If the British royal family no longer sleeps soundly since the time of Megxit (the unprecedented exit of Harry and Meghan Markle from the family “affairs”), even the Spanish royalty have no peace in this tormented 2020. In the storm they are now Felipe, the current king, e Juan Carlos, 82 years old, his father. After renouncing any rights on his father’s estate, disinheriting himself, Felipe did more, asking, indeed forcing the real parent to self-exile himself, probably to Santo Domingo. The former king, Juan Carlos, has been involved in unclear rounds of bribes and bribes. And his son Felipe, with Queen Letizia beside him, decided to take action before ending up, despite himself, amidst his father’s mess.

Felipe and father Juan Carlos

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But let’s go in order: the facts date back to a couple of years ago and to reveal them was one of the ex-lovers of Juan Carlos, Corinna Larsen, divorced wife of the German prince Johann zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. The noblewoman recounted intricate stories of money raining from Spain on a foundation in Saudi Arabia and an account in the Bahamas. Money that was used, it seems, to feed black funds of several hundred million euros held by Juan Carlos in tax havens and shared with the former lover, who at the end of the relationship would have demanded their return. Faced with the king’s no, Corinna would have decided to take revenge by telling everything. And provoking the end of the already compromised good reputation of the former king of Spain who is now entertaining very cold relationships with his wife Sofia and with his son Felipe and daughter-in-law Letizia.

Juan Carlos on his wedding day with Sofia of Greece

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Hence the decision, we do not know how voluntary, to leave the country, manifested with an official letter to his son: “Majesty, dear Felipe, with the same spirit of service to Spain that inspired my kingdom and in the face of the public repercussions that certain facts of the past of my private life are generating, I wish to show you my absolute availability to help facilitate the exercise of your functions, in the tranquility and tranquility that requires your high responsibility. My heritage and my own dignity as a person impose it on me ».

Sofia, Felipe, Letizia and Leonor

At Zarzuela, the royal residence in Madrid, now free from the cumbersome presence of the former ruler and head of the Bourbons, remain the Queen Sofia, discreet and silent, and Felipe’s family – Letizia and the infants Leonor and Sofia – who now have the difficult task of returning a decent public image to the noble family. A bit like Prince Charles who, beyond the Channel, is working so that the shadows that stretch over Prince Andrea do not end up obscuring the entire royal family.

Juan Carlos with Elizabeth II

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