King in Black Finally Brings Together Marvel’s Weirdest Team Ever

A Marvel Comics preview for Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black #5 features the most zany squad of Marvel characters yet uniting to take down Knull.

The Marvel Comics preview for Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black #5 reveals one of Marvel’s weirdest teams ever is about to unite for a deadly mission in the anticipated climax of the high-stakes miniseries. Spider-Man, Kang the Conqueror, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, The Black Knight, Ulik and his sister Ulicia have been circling each other for the bulk of the series, and now the cosmic being known as the Watcher has brought them all together in hopes of defeating the evil space god Knull once and for all.

As the epic crossover event King In Black unfolds in the present day Marvel Universe, Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black takes place in the past, shortly after Peter Parker acquired his alien symbiote suit during the events of 1984’s Secret Wars. The events of the first four issues have revolved around the Black Knight’s mystical Ebony Blade as Knull’s dutiful servant, Mister-E, and the unlikely squad of Marvel defenders tussle over the sacred weapon that possesses a power capable of killing Knull. Now, the Watcher has finally gained custody of the Ebony Blade, and all it needs is a worthy wielder to slay the god of the symbiotes long before his destructive reign comes to pass in the future.

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The teaser for issue five opens as the band of contrasting characters partakes in a round of drinks in Knowwhere while the Watcher explains the urgency of the Ebony Blade. It’s impossible not to acknowledge the hilarity of Spider-Man’s reaction to being whisked away and pulled into these zany cosmic shenanigans. Gulping down shot after shot, Spidey does what he does best when confronted with such confounding circumstances: throwing out one sarcastic remark after another to make all the insanity easier to digest. From his first-ever meeting with Rocket Raccoon to his ineffective beat down on Ulik last issue, Spider-Man has brought some top-notch hilarity to the series thus far, and he’s clearly showing no signs of holding back in the final issue.

Meanwhile, Kang deems himself the most worthy contender of the bunch to wield the Ebony Blade and kill Knull. But as Captain Marvel sufficiently points out, Kang’s more often than not been on the opposing side of the heroes. He may have a vested interest in thwarting Knull to save all reality, but handing over such a powerful weapon to a long-time Avengers foe wouldn’t exactly be the wisest decision. The question remains then, will the Black Knight reclaim his sword and actually succeed in destroying Knull years before the events of King In Black? If so, this tie-in series will no doubt prove to be the most important accompanying series to the sprawling crossover event.

Only time will tell how the events of this past mission will affect the Marvel Universe’s present large-scale predicament. Though, no matter how important Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black ultimately ends up being to King In Black‘s main storyline, there’s no denying the sheer delight the miniseries has evoked thus far by bringing Marvel’s weirdest team of characters together for the first time ever. Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black #5 is available in stores and online March 31.

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