101+ King And Queen Matching Tattoos For Couples-2020

King and Queen Matching tattoos have several different meanings which can work for anyone, but most of them are for people or couples that want to remember their parents or grandparents or any other loved ones. While some king and queen tattoo designs are large, intricate pieces, others are simply small enough for a single finger.

The different styles of these tattoos can be very simple or very elaborate. Most of the time, the more complex pieces will involve some form of symbolic meaning. The meanings of some of the more complicated tattoos include but are not limited to:

First off, let’s take a look at what exactly a tribal tattoo is. A tribal tattoo is a unique design in which each individual tattoo piece represents a certain tribal animal. Many of the designs are very similar and can be seen across several different tribes. This makes them perfect choices when choosing a tribal tattoo design. A few of the more common tribal tattoo designs include:

King and Queen Crown Tattoos

1. It’s your choice on which finger should you have K and Q tattoo. The most couple chooses the wedding ring finger for this design.

2. Another cool King and Queen Tattoo idea would be to try them on fingers. Here is a King and Queen Crown tattoo styled on the wedding ring finger.

3. The most popular king and queen tattoo design are obviously the King and queen crown tattoo design. But the placement of this tattoo design matters a lot.

4. A simple king and queen tattoo idea would be to get tattooed with the word ‘KING’ and ‘QUEEN’ in such manner that there is the crown on the first letter.

5. You can also opt for king and queen chess piece tattoo design. Most people choose the black chess pieces for them.

King and Queen Finger Tattoos

6. Men are free to choose any type of king from the playing cards deck but women should only choose the Queen of hearts from the deck.

7. Subtle and tiny tattoos are more loved by couples than large tattoos. Here is a tiny K and Q tattoo design on the fingers.

8. Every relationship has a sad phase and a happy phase. You can show it with a matching king and queen tattoo design that is inspired by the queen of the hearts of playing cards.

9. If you wish to write the word King and Queen then I would recommend you to choose a fancy but readable font and also add a crown on the top of the words.

10. Here the tattoo artist showed a romantic king and queen tattoo on the back of this boy. You can try these king and queen captions for your instagram pics.

Queen and King Tattoos

11. Hand is considered as the best place to have king and queen tattoos because they are visible to the world.

12. You can also try an offbeat tattoo design that gives you chuckle whenever you see it. Here the couple reversed the role of King and Queen among themselves.

13. Another pretty King and Queen Tattoo idea would be to mix up with the heart lock and key tattoo design. Here is a picture that shows this idea.

14. You do not have to have the crown on the front of the wrist. Here the artist added crown tattoos on side wrist thereby giving them a unique look.

15. Girls can add flowers to their queen tattoo design while boys can add bees to their king tattoo design.

King and Queen Hand Tattoos

16. I am unable to understand what object the artist was trying to add to this king queen tattoo but In my opinion, every couple has the freedom to add their own unique patterns and styles.

17. Instead of trying K and Q tattoos you can also have your own name initials inked on your body and placing the crown on their head just like this.

18. King and Queen are obviously considered to be rich and wealthy. So you can add a key to treasure in your tattoo design and it will look beautiful too.

19. A King and Queen tattoo design will fade away after a few months so I would advise you to protect it as much as you can because it is meant to be special.

20. Most people opt for large size ‘KING’ and ‘QUEEN’ word tattoos. In my opinion, you can also try it with a small font that could easily fit on fingers.

Another type of tat theme that is popular these days is the Celtic tat theme. These tattoos, however, are much larger and are more detailed than other tribal tattoo designs. These tattoos, because they are larger, will usually take a longer time to be completed as well. These include:

These tattoos may also be based on various historical figures. For example, the American Civil War is a very popular subject matter in these types of tattoos. It is also a popular subject matter in many tattoo designs which are based on European histories, such as those that are based on:

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When selecting your tattoo, it is always important to check with your doctor to make sure that you can handle the size, complexity, and pain of the tattoo. A large tribal tattoo can make for a painful experience for some people and can also cause serious scarring if done incorrectly.

Matching King And Queen Tattoos

21. I don’t think a full back king and queen tattoo is a good idea – Be it inspired from Chess pieces or from playing cards.

22. Try to have matching tattoos with your partner. If you get the word ‘KING’ or ‘QUEEN’ tattooed on your body then your partner should also have it or otherwise, it would not be meaningful.

23. You can add your own two-word quotes with your king and queen tattoos. Some ideas are ‘Always Forever’ or ‘Love Always’.

24. Many couples fall in love with each other because they find an equal amount of craziness and sense in each other. If you and your partner have that craziness and spark then you would surely like this Punk King and Emo queen tattoo design.

Choosing Between Popular Patriotic Tattoos

25. One thing that you will notice in king queen tattoos is that the king could look like a ghost or a skull but the queen is always shown beautifully.

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King and Queen Tattoos Images

26. In my opinion, side posing King and Queen tattoos will look beautiful and attractive only if they are posing toward each other.

27. This king and queen crown tattoo design on the back shoulder of this couple can be improved by adding a heart lock to the boy’s tattoo.

28. If you opt for the K and Q tattoos then make sure that they are colorful and not just in black. The letter Q will look beautiful in red color.

29. Instead of Fingers, you can also try K and Q tattoos on thumbs. It will provide you enough space to have tiny crown tattoos too.

30. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have king and queen tattoos on foot or calf because they will not look heart touching.

Couples Tattoos King and Queen

31. As I said earlier the king here is shown like a rotten skull while the queen is shown in the prime of her beauty. DUH!

32. You can also add the word ‘MY’ in your king and queen tattoo. It will make the tattoo lengthy but it’s worth trying.

33. A unique King and Queen Tattoo idea would add a heartbeat design to it. For example here in this tattoo picture the king and queen crown tattoos are separated by a heartbeat.

34. Queen of Hearts is sensible for a Queen tattoo but King of Hearts might not look pleasing on every guy. Ask your lady on which King she would like you to be.

35. Most people like to add portraits too to king and queen tattoos. I would suggest you add a lion and lioness instead and it will look majestic.

King and Queen of Hearts Tattoo

36. If you opt for King and Queen chess piece tattoo design then there is no need to show the chessboard.

37. It is necessary to have the exact matching font for the King and Queen tattoos or otherwise it will look meaningless.

38. You can also opt for the blackwork tattoo art for King and Queen tattoos where the artist will use a thick and solid black outline for your tattoo like this.

39. King and Queen tattoos are never meant as cover up tattoos and also do not have them with this intention.

Lastly, there are many different places where you can find these tattoos. Most of these tattoo galleries will list several different styles of tattoos which you can choose from. These are a perfect choice if you would like a large, detailed tattoo, but do not want it to be on your body all the time. The smaller versions of the tattoo are often placed on the leg or arm or sometimes even foot.

The best place to find some of the better designs is online. There are several online tattoo galleries which will allow you to search and compare the many different designs and styles available before you choose the one that you really want. You can also ask around on the forums for ideas or ask for some suggestions from the other people on the forums.

The good thing about finding this type of tat design is that they are so varied and beautiful. You can get them in many different styles and have them in many different sizes as well. If you have a large tattoo, there is nothing better than a tribal tattoo for adding some more character to your look.

Favourite romantic couple

40. You can pick up your favourite romantic couple from novels or movies and get them inked on your body.

King and Queen Tattoos on Wrist

41. I don’t think it’s a good idea to show a bleeding heart in your king and queen tattoo design so please avoid that.

42. You should try to get the king and queen tattoo that matches your personality. For example, if you keep beard then show beard on your king tattoo.

43. K and Q tattoos will look elegant, impressive and meaningful on fingers only and if you try them on any other part of the body then do add a crown or a portrait to it.

44. Adding a realistic heart to your K and Q tattoo design will make it even more impressive.

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45. Many couples try double exposure to King Queen tattoos. It is not sensible as the King queen tattoo will lose its value and impact.

King and Queen Cards Tattoo

46. Back of the neck is also an ideal place to have king and queen crown tattoos.

47. I don’t know why but many people choose to have king and queen skull tattoos. If you want such design then here is one for you.

48. Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and Deviantart are filled up with King Queen tattoo ideas. They also have lots of drawings, paintings, and sketches of king queens. You can pick up your design from there too.

49. I don’t know why the artist made the king and queen blind in this tattoo. I don’t think such ideas are good.

50. This King and Queen tattoo seems to be inspired by Game of Thrones. It can be improved by adding a heart on to the queen.

Tribal Design

If you do not want a tribal design, then you can find several other options. Some of the most popular choices for a tribal design are animal designs, the Celtic cross, the Indian flag, and even the zodiac sign. You can find many different designs to choose from in these galleries, but the best is definitely the tribal tat of the King and Queen. If you want to have a unique tattoo, then you should definitely consider getting a tribal design for your tattoo.

It can look beautiful and give you an old fashioned look. No matter what you get, be sure that you have the patience and the desire to have this tattoo for a long period of time. Getting a tribal tattoo is hard work. It will take a lot of hard work on your part, but the results will be worth it.

Take your time in finding your tattoo, and keep looking. If you look around online, you will find some of the best tribal designs for your tattoo and you will be pleased that you did.

Which King Queen tattoo design would you like to have with your partner?