Kim’s Arts & Crafts Project With Kids Goes Awry During Cleanup

Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans are gushing over Kim Kardashian’s latest family video from her kids’ messy St. Patty’s Day art session.

Kim Kardashian celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by holding an in-house art session with her kids. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared a home video that showed her ruined stone table as a result of her kids making leprechaun traps for the Irish holiday. Fans are loving watching the reality star’s motherhood moments with her children amid her split from Kanye West.

The KKW Beauty founder has seemingly filled the void left by Kanye by spending more quality time with their children. The pair were married for almost seven years and welcomed four children together prior to calling it quits. It was just last month when Kim took the big step of filing for divorce after months of living separately from Kanye. Kanye lived at his ranch in Wyoming in seclusion following his election loss. However, tension between the couple mounted around the time he announced his campaign. Since making the filing, it has been reported that Kanye requested to visit the kids whenever Kim isn’t home.

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It’s clear Kim is enjoying her time with the kids. She recently shared a video to her Instagram Story that showed the aftermath of their St. Patty’s Day-themed art class. Apparently, Kim was frustrated after realizing her stone table was ruined as a result of the kids making a leprechaun trap. “I’m dying at kim’s instagram stories rn… she was so excited and into these leprechaun traps she was making with the kids & then she realized they ruined her table and she’s pi**ed,” a Redditor captioned a thread. “This is the side of Kim I love. I literally snorted when she said ‘all for this fu**ing leprechaun,’” another person wrote in response to Kim’s expletives in the video.

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“Real mom Kim is my favorite Kim,” added someone else. With Kim using her show to focus more on her dynamic with her family as a whole, her mommy moments are rarely featured on the show. Her followers receive more teases into her role as a mother through what she chooses to share on social media. “It’s so cute that she does this for them but her reaction to her table is so funny,” said another. With Kim asking for advice on how to get the grease stains out of her stone table, one person replied, “We don’t know Kim, we have laminate countertops.”

Others applauded her for having a normal mom moment. “Total Mom thing when the kids ruin something,” one Redditor added. “Just because she can afford another table, doesn’t mean she WANTS to get another table. Totally get it.” The praise from fans shows how much they love seeing her in her natural motherly element. Hopefully, she incorporates more of that into the final season, where she will also open up about her divorce from Kanye.

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