Kim Kardashian West on ‘SNL’: Her funniest moments

Kim Kardashian West on ‘SNL’: Live from New York, it was Saturday night. Kim Kardashian West did better than some people thought.

Kardashian West even pointed out in her monologue that she seemed a strange choice to host “Saturday Night Live.”
It was one of many funny moments she shared on “SNL.”

Kanye and the family are being roasted

Her opening monologue was not kind to anyone in her inner circle, even herself.
She said, “I know, it’s surprising to see you here too.” “When they asked me, I was like, ‘You want to host? “Why? Why? Actually, I had one movie premiere and no one even told me that it was.
Kardashian West said, “It must have slipped her mind,”
kim kardashian west
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This was in reference to the now-infamous sex tape that she made with Ray J, her boyfriend and actor at the time. It leaked in 2007.
It was what put her and her family on a path to reality TV stardom. Kardashian West’s mother Kris Jenner (manager) has long denied that Kardashian West orchestrated the leak.
Kardashian West joked about her family and said she was hot. She also wanted people to know that she is “so much better than the reference photo my sisters show their plastic surgery.” She also stated that she learned the meaning of “gold diggers” from her mother’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble.
There were also jokes about O. J. Simpson’s murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, her friend Ronald Goldman and her ex-stepfather Caitlyn Jenner, as well as her estranged husband Kanye West.
Kardashian West claimed she “married one of the greatest rappers of all time” and described him as both the “richest Black man” and the “legit genius who gave me four amazing children.”
She laughed and said, “So, when he divorced me you had to understand it came down to one — his personality.”

Moving out of the club

In a skit entitled “Ladies Night Song”, Kardashian West was joined by Punkie Johnson, Ego Nawodim, and Cecily Strong from “SNL”.
It’s about what happens to “grown” women when they leave their children and husbands at home to go out in the club as they did in their 20s.
They may have forgotten things like loud music, sore feet or food that is not stomach-friendly past a certain age.
Kardashian West gets a spot at the VIP area, which is the ideal place to nap. It’s also one of few areas in the club that you can sit.

“The People’s Kourt”

It was hilarious to see Kardashian West mock her sister Kourtney.
Kourtney Kardashian was appointed TV court judge to oversee cases involving her family.
Shout out to “SNL”, for including Kim Kardashian West in the skit. An actress wore the faceless Met gala outfit the star wore this season, which sparked a lot of memes.

The rose is always with you

Although there weren’t roses, Kardashian West did hand out tokens to show her affection to the men in this skit, which was a parody of “The Bachelorette.”
Star-studded contestants included Chace Crawford, John Cena and Jessie Williams, as well as Blake Griffin, a former “Bachelorette”, contestant, and Kendall Jenner’s ex, and Blake Griffin, a NBA player.
As a woman named Rochelle, Kardashian West thanked Rock for his many comedy specials while he “mouthed” the words. Rock then joked “We can watch Dave (Chappelle) next time.”

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