Kids Network Plans to Air An NFL Football Game

Kids Network Plans to Air An NFL Football Game

One of the most prominent parts of the new collective bargaining agreement in the National Football League involves the gridiron football league holding an extra Wild Card playoff game in each conference. These new games will play in January, thus expanding the playoffs from twelve to fourteen teams.

But a noteworthy point came about surrounding these games. CBS and NBC will be broadcasting these games as usual, although they will also stream them on their digital streaming platforms, CBS All Access and Peacock. Even more intriguing is that CBS will also air that extra wild card game on Nickelodeon, the long-running kids network.

NFL Football Game
NFL Football Game

The game will air on Nickelodeon at 4:40 pm Eastern Time on January 10. The broadcast in Nickelodeon will be different from what CBS will provide for over-the-antenna viewers and streamers on CBS All Access. Nickelodeon is owned by Viacom, which also has control over CBS.

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The Nickelodeon broadcast will feature a product that is different from what CBS offers. There will be separate broadcasters, as well as a unique presentation style that might be appealing to younger viewers.

Details on specifics are unclear, but there is an expectation that the new broadcast would entail points that might be appealing to younger audiences. There could be a discussion of how game rules work. Unique camera angles or graphics could also appear during the game. The general goal of the broadcast could be to help kids learn more about football and to get excited about what the NFL has to offer, especially during this critical time in the year.

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A Big Charge to Broadcast

CBS’s decision to air a separate broadcast on Nickelodeon comes as the network spent a significant amount of money on the game. Sports Business Journal states that CBS and NBC paid $70 million for the rights to each of these games.

A Change, But Could There Be Trouble?

The move to air an NFL game on Nickelodeon marks the second time a kids television network has aired a gridiron football game. Disney’s Disney XD network aired a simulcast of the Pro Bowl in 2019 and 2020. But that broadcast was a simulcast of what ABC and ESPN were broadcasting at the same time.

The Disney XD broadcasts entailed commercials that were different from what ABC and ESPN was broadcasting. There were also messages during the broadcast stating that the Pro Bowl airing was a “general audience” program. There might have also been a concern that someone explicit could pop up during the event.

Disney XD broadcasts

The greatest problem for the Disney XD broadcasts came this year when news broke early in the game on the passing of former basketball star Kobe Bryant. The mood surrounding the broadcast and the game became dramatically somber instead of being as festive as people hoped. Disney XD cut away from the game after the first half and aired alternate programming for the rest of the game instead. The action could result in worry about what might happen if a major injury or other significant problem occurred during the game while on Nickelodeon.

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