#KhudKoKarBuland Encounter Life’s Ups and Downs Fearlessly

#KhudKoKarBuland Encounter Life’s Ups and Downs 

Life was not the same for Mrs. Asha Sharma when her husband died in the car accident. At 38 years of age with 3 children the future was definitely not a cakewalk. The family insisted that she remarried her widowed brother-in-law but she resisted. For her, her daughters would be the first and only priority in her life

#KhudKoKarBulandHer husband’s life insurance allowed her to do this -she could face the challenges that life had thrown at her. It gave her enough courage to face the unforeseen responsibility of the unstable life ahead. With the spirit of #KhudKoKarBuland she didn’t lose hope and was ready to face the difficulty. Her long term planning not only helped her raise her children but also take up a course of her own.

I remember another story of a teacher, he was a credit to his occupation and as a professor he served his students round the clock during exams. In January, when Mr. Gupta was hit by the motorist while returning from his coaching classes. He unfortunately, lost his legs.Relatives came from all over to pool their money but his wife, Rekha said “he lost his legs but I have not lost hope. We will recover and I will also go to school along with him”. After 15 days she brought a wheelchair for her husband with her own savings and helped him sit on it and pushed him to his school all ready to cope up with the uncertainties. With her head held high with “khud ko kar bulund itna ki khuda kudh puche ki teri radha kya hai

It’s all the outcome of wise planning in the past that repays you in the future and choosing the Birla sun life insurance #KhudKoKarBuland help you meet this target.

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