Khloe Kardashian Wants To Sell Her Calabasas Mansion For Almost $19 Million

Nothing like a few months locked up at home to make you want to sell your House. It even seems to extend to a lockdown in a sprawling 11,000 square foot estate like the one currently owned by Khloe kardashian, since TMZ reports that it is ready to part with the place if someone agrees to buy it for $ 18.5 million.

She hasn’t officially put the property up for sale yet, but that’s the price it would take to part with the house, which has a pretty impressive celebrity pedigree outside of her property – both Justin Bieber and Eddie Murphy have called him home in the past. Khloe has, however, deeply reshaped the house since her move several years ago.

The mansion has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as amenities like a home theater. Then there is the swimming pool, the spa and the “meditation path” outside. It’s on the cover Architectural summary, but that was before Kardashian did a thorough renovation (one of the earliest changes she made to the property when she got it was supposedly to get rid of the skate ramp installed by Bieber). This renovation could explain why her asking price increased dramatically from what she paid in 2014, when she bought Bieber’s mansion for just $ 7.2 million – a lot of money but far less half of what he’s supposed to take to get him away from her now.

Khloe has been in refuge for several weeks in this Calabasas mansion with a former NBA star Tristan Thompson and their young daughter True following the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the country.

You can take a look at the future Khloe Kardashian home, which may soon be in the video below People magazine:

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