Kevin Smith Will Auction Off His Horror Anthology Killroy Was Here as an NFT

Kevin Smith enters the NFT game in a unique way. the The clerks the filmmaker is about to auction off his long-awaited horror film Killroy was there as an NFT or non-fungible token. This means that whoever wins the auction will have the right to exhibit, distribute and broadcast the film. They can therefore potentially turn digital investment into a money generator.

According to a new report, Killroy was there is intended to be sold to the highest bidder as an NFT. Details of the auction have not been disclosed at this time. Jason Mewes, Harley Quinn Smith, Ralph Garmin, and Chris Jerrico are among the cast in the horror anthology. Smith had this to say about it in a statement.

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“As a freelance artist, I’m always on the lookout for a new platform to tell a story. And Crypto has the potential to deliver that, while intersecting our nearly 25 years of sales experience. real-world collectibles online and in brick-and-mortar Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. In 1994, we took Clerks to Sundance and sold him. Selling Killroy as an NFT is very similar: whoever has him? buyers can choose to traditionally monetize it, or just own a movie that no one ever sees them except them. We are not trying to raise funds by selling NFTs for a Killroy movie; the finished Killroy movie is the NFT . And if that works, suddenly we have a new stage on which me and other artists, better than I can tell our stories. “

NFTs have become very popular lately. Without delving into the larger and more complicated explanation of what they are, NFTs are digital assets that come with a certificate of authenticity. Anyone who purchases an NFT has proof of ownership over that specific digital asset. In this case, a completed Kevin Smith movie. Other recent examples include some Godzilla vs. Kong a piece of art and a song by Lindsay Lohan.

Additionally, Kevin smith launches an NFT gallery. On, regular artwork centered around “Smokin ‘Tokens” will commemorate various Jay and Silent Bob films each month. Smith had this to say about the gallery.

“It allows us to shine a light on the artists we love and present their style to the community through our characters. We provide the Jay and Silent Bob, you provide the art, our partner Semkhor makes the NFT, and we share profits. I’ve been making money with Jay and Silent Bob for years now, so it’s good to provide a licensed place where others can do the same. “

The first trailer for Killroy Was Here was released during [email protected] Last year. Kevin Smith wrote the movie with Andy McElfresh. Its fate is now in the hands of whoever wins this upcoming auction. Will it have a theatrical release? Will it be sold to a streaming service? Will it be locked in a safe never to be seen by the public? Time will tell us. This news was first reported by Deadline.

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