Kerala’s Longest Zipline In Wayanad, Here is everything you need to know.

Endless greenery and unaffected nature as far as it goes. The city of Wayanad in Kerala state is full of dense flora and fauna. This biodiversity hotspot is a great retreat for people of all ages. If you just want to kick back and stay at a resort, or try something like an adventure Ziplining in Wayanad, You will find everything you need here.

The state has always been highly progressive and forthcoming about its tourism. Facilities are at the top and conservation of nature is taken very seriously by the government and the people of the state. Apart from exploring adventure, you can also visit the national parks and explore offbeat places and waterfalls. Idakkal Cave is declared as one of the most attractive places to visit in Wayanad.

About Ziplining in Wayanad

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The zip line we talk about is the longest in Kerala and the second-longest in South India. This beautifully maintained zipline is managed by highly trained adventure groups and is one of the Best places for ziplining in Wayanad. The line is about three-hundred meters long and extends over some dense forests of Wayanad. Located in Pozhana in Wayanad, there is a zipline in Wayanad for every traveler.

Once your safety equipment is installed, the swift zipline will fly you over lush green plantations and tall trees. This company manages with customers in a very professional manner and promises the utmost security. People of all ages can give a chance in Wayanad.

Pricing and timing

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This great experience only comes for a very affordable price of INR 250 / – per person. It is pocket friendly Price for zipping in Wayanad Will encourage you to take shots more than once on your journey. The zipline is open from 9 am to 6 pm. The ideal time for ziplining is later in the evening so the sun’s shine is milky. This would also make for a great photo opportunity. The location can be easily found on the online map, you will see it from afar before reaching there. For obvious reasons, the zipline is not appropriate since nightfall. Weather can also be a big factor. Best time to go Ziplining in Wayanad Is during summer.

Key features of ziplining in Wayanad

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  • The zipline speed will be faster than you expect, so be sure to enjoy the ride instead of worrying about photos or selfies.
  • The location is four kilometers from the main city of Wayanad.
  • If this is your first time ziplining, keep in mind that you are not expected to hold on the whole time. The harness will be attached to a comfortable saddle, on which you will sit and it is advised to hold the rope so that you avoid swinging or swinging.
  • Try to avoid ziplining in strong wind or rainy weather as these are not safe conditions for activity.
  • Safety devices will include a rigid helmet to protect your head from any impact, a pair of soils to protect your hands from scratching, and a safety harness.

Tips for Ziplining in Wayanad

Some useful tips for ziplining in Wayanad are as follows:

  • Weather conditions and check Peek into Wayanad review Before going to the destination.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and well-fitted clothes. Do not wear sandals / slippers that can slip through your feet while zipping.
  • Ask as many questions as you can to the person in charge, and clear all your doubts before coming to the zip. If it helps, then look at some people to get an idea of ​​what you experience before.
  • When you zipline, keep all your valuables in your bag or car. If something falls from your hand when you zip they may be unrecoverable.
  • Children under the age of 5 are not allowed on the zipline.
  • If you want to record your ziplining experience, it is best to use a GoPro camera on an extended stick. They are light and can easily be attached to your wrist.
  • If you are afraid of heights or any other medical conditions, train yourself before you hope.

Although Kerala has a variety of adventures, ziplining in Wayanad is something that will give you a great experience. Since it is the second-longest zip line in South India, it is sure to keep your enthusiasm level high. so what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Wayanad and experience what feels like zip-lining through Kerala’s most fascinating vista.

Frequently asked questions about Ziplining in Wayanad

Q. What is the best time to travel to Wayanad?

a. The best season to visit Wayanad is from October to May. The landscape also changes with the changing seasons. The monsoon season is still a good time to roam but heavy havoc can hamper your outdoor plans.

Q. Is Wayanad safe now?

a. After the 2019 floods, the city has fully recovered and it is now very safe to travel to Wayanad. Roads are accessible again and all hotels are functional.

Q. Where to go to ziplining in Wayanad?

a. When thinking about ziplining in Wayanad, one of the best places for ziplining is Muddy Boots, located in the town of Podytana, four kilometers from Waithana, Wayanad.

Q. How long is the zipline in Wayanad?

a. The zipline here is the longest in the south of India and extends for about 300 meters.

Q. What is the maximum weight on the zipline?

a. Typically, anyone weighing 120 kg or more is now allowed on the zipline. This number can change from base to base depending on the elasticity of the rope and the capacity of the harness. If you are above 120 kg, be sure to call the agency and cross-check.

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