Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Claudia Auditions for American Idol

Claudia Conway Trying to make it to the big leagues.

After gathering more than a million TikTok followers by exposing her numerous illicit relationships with her mother Kalinen Conway And father George conwayThe 16-year-old has his sights on ABC’s American Idol.

On Monday November 16, Katy Perry It turns out that Kishore is auditioning to compete in the 18th season American Idol. He posted a video with Claudia on his Instagram story saying, “Well, well, well, let the game begin, because Claudia had just tried American Idol. “

Claudia also moved to Tiktok with a behind-the-scenes look at her day on set. He posted a video of himself American Idol Confessions shared the room and the news. “I met Ryan secret Today and I have an audition soon, so be prepared for that, “she shared. I’m very nervous but I’m very excited.”

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