Kelly Ripa Shows Off Gray Hair on TV and Mark Consuelos Loves It

Kelly Ripa Shows Off Gray Hair on TV and Mark Consuelos Loves It

Mark Consuelos has no gray hair on the head, and Kelly Ripa is jealous. His new mustache, however, definitely wears silver strands. On April 20, the married couple welcomed Living with Kelly and Ryan together, giving Ryan Seacrest the day off. And the Consuelos stache made them talk about hair maintenance in the era of the coronavirus.

As noted on her Instagram story, Ripa’s pesky grays spend a day in the field with no root date in sight. “Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that [my hair] is vaporized, ”she said. She started to keep a photo diary of the new growth, dubbing of the #RootWatch series. And live on TV, she lowered her head to face the camera and parted her hair. “You can sort of see him force it.” He wants to show you, ”she said. “He wants you to see the reality.”

Kelly Ripa Shows Off Gray Hair on TV
Kelly Ripa Shows Off Gray Hair on TV
  • Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa welcomed Living with Kelly and Ryan together on April 20.
  • The couple talked about hair maintenance in the coronavirus age, and Ripa showed off his gray hair.
  • Ripa also admitted to cutting her hair from home with kitchen scissors.

Living with Kelly and Ryan

Consuelos is not at all concerned – he likes the natural look. “Since I met you, you told me you were gray,” he said. “And I have to tell you, I see you in the morning and I think it’s beautiful. I love it. I can’t wait to see when it’s completely gray. “Ripa didn’t skip a beat:” Which is probably by the end of the week, “she laughed.” I’m running out of gas … so yes, you’ll see my one second gray hair now. “

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Instagram / Kelly Ripa

Spraying your roots isn’t the only quarantine hack that Ripa has on your sleeve, either. She admitted to cutting her hair in the house … with kitchen scissors. “I’m not going to lie, I cut my hair,” she told viewers. “I used kitchen scissors, we obviously don’t have cutting scissors.” Fortunately, she was not brave enough to touch her bangs. “I would have arrested you,” said Consuelos. “I didn’t say anything, but I was ready to jump in case you got through it.”

Other celebrities have also channeled their interior hairdressers while being trapped at home. Hilary Duff dyes her teal hair, Blake Shelton Tames a Mule (with Gwen Stefani’s help), and Rose shaved her head while intoxicated.

And it’s not just the famous ones that explode. According to Seduce, Pinterest searches for “haircuts at home” have increased 417%, and searches for “how to remove hair color naturally” have increased by 156% since closings across the country began. Hair in quarantine is officially a real thing. We have to be entertained in some way, right?

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