Keep Your Home Humming With This Annual Maintenance Checklist

Keep Your Home Humming With This Annual Maintenance Checklist

There is regular maintenance around the house that needs to be done once a week like clockwork. (This to-do list doesn’t stop for anyone or anything.) However, it’s also important not to miss out on the annual maintenance tasks that keep your home in top shape. A regular calendar reminder to make sure your HVAC system works, your carpets are cleaned, and your lawn is aerated can save both time and money in the long run.

Keep Your Home Humming With This Annual Maintenance Checklist
Keep Your Home Humming With This Annual Maintenance Checklist

As the seasons change, it is especially important to add regular air conditioning cleaning and maintenance to your to-do list. York, whose heating and cooling systems have worked in American homes for more than a century, makes this easier than ever with its temperature controls and extended warranty.

With this aspect of annual (and semi-annual) maintenance and some other aspects in mind, we met with two experts from the Good Housekeeping Institute to discuss how this extra attention makes important parts of your home look good and works smoothly. Year for year.

Make sure your air conditioner is healthy

When it comes to HVAC systems, Rachel Podell, chief technician at the Good Housekeeping Institute, says, “Maintenance is an inexpensive way to extend the life of devices instead of having to replace a defective unit.” Simple tasks like changing the filter can be regular run yourself. However, for things like checking the piping and cleaning the oven and compressor, it is important to invest in more thorough repairs annually by a trained HVAC specialist.

A simple tactic to keep your air conditioner running smoothly? “Look for a system that offers temperature control in zones where different areas of your home can have different temperatures at the same time,” says Podell. Not only is it ideal for more comfort indoors, it can also save energy costs. Zone temperature control eliminates hot or cold spots and allows different people in different areas to enjoy their ideal temperature. York offers controls that can be operated via WiFi so that the temperature zones can be easily set from a phone or tablet.

Relax your ventilation slots

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It’s also important to take care of the air conditioning vents throughout the house, says Carolyn Forte, director of home appliances and cleaning products at the Good Housekeeping Institute. She suggests pulling out the vacuum and running it around all the registers and ventilation slots in the air conditioning system: “They can become spiderweb-like,” she says. “Use the soft dust brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to walk over all grills and grates in your ventilation slots and exhaust systems.”

Make a carpet clean thoroughly

Carpets should be cleaned professionally once a year, says Forte. Not only does this banish dirt, but regular cleaning also keeps carpets soft and plush. And if you do a deep vacuum alone, don’t forget the floor mats. “Vacuum the top, then flip it over and vacuum it on the back,” Forte explains. “This will push out all the dirt that gets stuck in the fibers. Then you can suck it off the floor.”

Let the windows sparkle

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Forte says that when it comes to washing windows – something that she recommends as part of seasonal cleaning – easier is better, better. “Start from the inside out with the product of your choice and a microfiber cloth. Just work your way around the house! ” One tip? Tackle the windows on a cloudy day – too much sun dries products before you can reach them with your cloth, which can result in streaky glass. If you cannot reach some panes, contact a professional window cleaner at least once a year.

Pay attention to your terrace

“Annual refreshments in the driveway and twice a year for the terrace are good,” says Podell. This is also a good time to draw your attention to outdoor facilities, says Forte, who suggests using water and detergents specifically for the outdoors to ensure the safety of grass or flowers nearby. “Tidy up any planters, pots, and garden furniture that you’ve had outside that may have been outside over the winter. That makes them ready for spring and summer! “

Don’t forget lawn care

Keep Your Home Humming With This Annual Maintenance Checklist

Do you want to make sure your lawn looks healthy and feels healthy? “Proper mowing and watering is paramount, but once year ventilation should be considered where the soil is perforated to allow water and nutrients to better penetrate and fertilize the grass and crop base,” says Podell. If you have a larger garden, it may be worth investing in your own equipment, but ventilation is also an easy task that you can rent.

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