“Katy 4 President!!”: Katy Perry’s Fourth Of July Bikini Post Makes Fans “Pledge Allegiance”

Katy Perry turned up the heat this Fourth of July, flaunting her patriotism in a dazzling display of stars and stripes.

The Firework singer took to Instagram to share her festive spirit, donning a glittering red, white, and blue bathing suit top.

Radiating national pride and feminine strength, the 39-year-old singer emulated the iconic Rosie the Riveter’s empowering “We Can Do It!” pose.

“BB UR A FIREWORK,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

Katy Perry emulated the iconic Rosie the Riveter’s empowering “We Can Do It!” pose in her Fourth of July post

Image credits: Katy Perry / Instagram

The post managed to unleash patriotism in fans in a different kind of way.

“Ok, now I’ll pledge allegiance,” said one fan, while another chimed in with, “Proud to be an American and stream our national anthem, Firework.”

“My kind of firework,” one wrote.

“My pronouns are U/S/A,” another declared.

Fans showered her post with praise, with one saying: “Katy 4 President!!!!!!”

Image credits: Katy Perry / Instagram

Another said about her look, “Oh my god I’m obsessed.”

One went as far as to say, “Katy 4 President!!!!!!”

The Roar singer is gearing up for the sale of her sixth album and announced that the first single, Woman’s World, is set to release this month on July 11.

She reminded her fans in her Fourth of July post that her single is due to drop next week.

“and speaking of work, WOMAN’S WORLD IS GOING TO WORK IN ONE WEEK HAPPY 4TH,” she wrote.

The former American Idol judge who has a knack for making headlines did just that last month at Paris Fashion Week by wearing a dress that teased her forthcoming song.

As she arrived at the Ritz Paris on June 25, she wowed fans in a one-shouldered red velvet Balenciaga dress that featured a long train, which trailed 200 yards behind her with the lyrics of Woman’s World printed on the red fabric.

“These lyrics are so bad Katy… please,” one said after the singer’s Paris Fashion Week outfit featured the lyrics of her upcoming song, Woman’s World, on a 200-yard-long train

“IT’S A WOMAN’S WORLD, AND YOU’RE LUCKY TO BE LIVING IN IT,” read some of the lyrics.


Not everyone in the comments section was impressed by the words of the soon-to-be-released song, with one asking: “Now who approved those lyrics?”

“I don’t know what’s worse, the kindergarten lyrics or Katy’s sensitivity towards reality,” read one comment, while a third said, “These lyrics are so 2014.”

“These lyrics are so bad Katy… please,” said another.


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