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Kate Middleton Wore Yellow Sweater to Thank Teachers and School Staff

Kate Middleton Wore Yellow Sweater to Thank Teachers and School Staff

This was the Cambridges’ first royal engagement done via video call.

Leave it to Kate Middleton to find the perfect Zoom outfit. Unsurprisingly, the usually polished and put-together Duchess of Cambridge was able to look professional with a dash of laid-back cool during her very first royal engagement conducted through the video call.

Together with Prince William, she talked with the students, teachers, and staff at Casterton Main Academy in Lancashire. Collectively, the Cambridges let everyone know that they appreciate the hard work from the staff and teachers, that are making sure life goes on as easily as possible for the children as their parents work in a nearby hospital.

Kate Middleton Wore Yellow Sweater
Kate Middleton Wore Yellow Sweater

Kate Said

“For you and everyone who is in during that time, it has to be such a relief for all of the parents that are key workers to understand their kids have the formality and structure, and they have a safe place for them to be,” Kate said on the telephone. “So, really, really well done and for all of you I know it is not easy conditions, but it’s superb.”

For the movie appointment, Kate picked a mustard-yellow Zara sweater, The Mirror reports. Even though it’s sold out, it does contain statement-making bell sleeves, something Kate’s a lover of (she wore a similar shape back in February, the newspaper adds). William kept things buttoned-up at a grim button-up, but the two of them kept things fairly casual for the conversation, which had them celebrating Easter and speaking about the royals’ famous pals.

Casterton is only one of the schools which are encouraged by the Pendle Education Trust. Through trust, certain schools have the ability to take care of the children of important workers. In Casterton’s case, a number of the students’ parents work at Burnley General Hospital.

Anita Ghidotti

Anita Ghidotti, Chief Executive of the Pendle Education Trust, said the kids asked a couple of questions, including who”the finest famous person was [Kate and William] had met.”

Kate reported that since Prince George was watching David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, her”best famous person” would have to be the famed naturalist. As for William, he took a more diplomatic approach, not naming any particular people and noting, “His favorite people were not actually famous.”

Even though it’s the first time the public has seen the royals video seminar, they’re having Zoom meetings to remain in touch and, we assume, conduct official royal enterprise. We’re guessing they are not pajama-clad affairs, but there are only so many questions.

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