Saturday , July 11 2020

Karim Benzema’s ‘magic’ assist gives Real Madrid the edge over Barcelona in La Liga title race

This time it was Karim Benzema who provided the magic assistance, rather than being at the end.

The sublime rear wheel of the Real Madrid striker – attached to the half-volley and directed through the legs of the defender of Espanyol Bernardo – found the Casemiro in a hurry to score the only goal in a hotly contested match.
With a drop in points for Barcelona for the second time in three games, this could prove to be the decisive moment of the race for the La Liga title as Real stood out by two points at the top.

But when it comes to providing help from another world, Bezema has learned from the best in the business.

During a match against Deportivo La Coruña in 2010, the Spanish maestro Guti – who would later have been supposed to have his eyes behind his head – installed Benzema with a premonitory rear wheel.

He is widely regarded as the greatest helper of all time … but not anymore, at least for Real Zinedine coach Zidane.

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Karim Benzema assists Casemiro for the winning goal against Espanyol.

“I think it’s this one, Karim,” the Frenchman told reporters after the match. “It’s the most recent. The good thing is it’s a team move; Sergio with his head, control and Karim’s rear wheel, then Casemiro knows that Karim can invent something. It’s a great team goal. “

“We know Karim is an awesome player and he shows it in every game. A player is improving all the time and that’s what’s going on with Karim. He’s at a good age, around 32 or 33 if you take care of yourself as it does, they are your best football years.

“It doesn’t surprise me. He’s a player who makes things up,” he told AS. “And then Casemiro is there. It can be one of the pieces of the championship.”

Benzema’s audience drew praise from Guti himself, who tweeted: “Magic, friend. Brutal.”

After the match, Casemiro insisted that all the credit should go to Benzema.

“It would be a little unfair to talk about my goal after what Karim did,” he told reporters. “We have to congratulate him, he’s a first-class rear wheel. Knowing Karim is normal. He has the quality of a No. 10, not a No. 9. It is an incredible rear wheel This is Karim’s goal. “

Benzema – who now has seven assists and 17 league goals this season – has relaxed behind the wheel like any other assist.

“It’s football. These things come to me, I see football like that,” he told Movistar. “I knew Casemiro was going to run behind me. He took it well.

“It was a good game, but the most important thing is the goal afterwards, Casemiro succeeds. We are very happy.”

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