Kaos: plot, curiosity and release of the Netflix TV series

Kaos: plot, curiosity, and release of the Netflix TV series

TV series: everything you need to know about Kaos, soon on Netflix. At Netflix, everything is forgiven. Even (perhaps) having released the first teaser of a new series, the highly anticipated Kaos, mistaking the Greek writing of the title (incorrect transcription in the Greek alphabet, “Kaos”, in fact, in the original language it is written “ΧΑΟΣ” and not “KΛΘS”). The error did not go unnoticed: the ten episodes that – Coronavirus permitting – should be shot next June just rotate around the modern reinterpretation of classical myths. Starting from the basics (hopefully): aside from irony, this is one of the most anticipated projects of the last two years.


Kaos (spelled incorrectly)

What is Kaos

The reason is simple: after the success of the saga of Percy Jackson and the Olympian gods, who launched the career of Logan Lerman (which also stars in the Amazon Prime Video series Hunters), the new generations have started to think that mythology is not so bearded, indeed it can even become “cool” if told in the right way. And Rick Riordan’s pen immediately captured the attention of the very young. For Kaos, however, it is not a literary adaptation but the new, visionary, project by Charlie Covell, who created the lashing irony of The end of the f *** ing world.

The introduction

Coming – hopefully – in the fall or at the latest in 2021, the idea of ​​the series is to peek into the myths of the past to propose them in a style more similar to Game of Thrones than Pollon, to understand each other, but with the addition of a dark comedy touch. The epic stories of the past, on the other hand, are very current to talk about thirst for power, corruption, family conflicts and love pains. It is well known that the relationships between magical and human creatures manage to be even more tangled than earthly ones. Here, then, explained the interest of the producers in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, the man who lost his head for a nymph to the point that he could not even respect the only “clause” to save her from the Underworld. The story narrative plans, in fact, concern the dwelling of the gods, the human dimension but also that of the beyond.


Filmed in English – and not in ancient Greek, as you’d expect – the series will likely focus on everyone young and handsome interpreters, as per tradition of the streaming platform, even if the cast names are still top secret. The only rumors come from Charlie Covell who in a radio interview explained that she was inspired in the aesthetics of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, but to consider the various characters as part of a giant dysfunctional family.

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