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Ken Lim Net Worth: Ken Lim is a Singaporean investor, collector and reality television star with a net worth of $ 20 million. However it should be noted that Ken is honored to have returned from a family in Singapore, which is worth billions thanks to investments in shopping malls, commercial real estate, oil and tankers in Southeast Asia.

Kane first became widely famous in January 2021 when he debuted as one of the stars of the Netflix reality show “Bling Empire”. The show follows the lives of a group of extremely wealthy Asians in Los Angeles.

Ken’s background and details of the alleged family property have not been officially confirmed. According to Kane, he did not come back to Singapore to grow up like other wealthy children. For example, instead of going to school each day, his father forced him to use public transport. The family mainly owns shopping malls and office buildings in Thailand.

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In 2019, Kane told an interviewer that at the age of 17, he started investing in shares by taking a loan from his father. He allegedly repaid the loan within two months and two years later had generated a “figure of seven” personal fortune. Today Ken is investing his fortune in Los Angeles real estate in an effort to expand the west side of his family empire.

Kane’s shoe collection is priced at $ 365,000.

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