Just Listed! Mark Wahlberg Offers Sprawling Beverly Park Mansion For… $87.5 Million

From the moment Celebrity Net Worth was launched over a decade ago, we have paid close attention to the acquisitions and sales of mansions in Beverly Park.

For those who are not familiar, Beverly Park is a 325-acre gated community high up in the hills above Beverly Hills. If you are a billionaire and you want to have a home in Los Angeles, this is where you want to buy.

The average home in Beverly Park is 20,000 square-feet and every home in Beverly Park pays a monthly HOA of $3,000. The few vacant lots that remain have a tendency to sell for $20+ million. That’s for dirt. One would still need to spend, presumably, $10-20 million constructing a house on that lot.

Because it is an extremely private and secure gate-guarded community, over the decades Beverly Park has attracted some of the most famous celebrities on the planet.

Below is a quick list of current and former Beverly Park residents:

As the title of this article gave away, today we are talking about Mark Wahlberg’s Beverly Park mansion because it was just listed for sale.

Out of all the insane and massive mansions in Beverly Park, Mark Wahlberg’s might be the most insane and massive. So, unsurprisingly, when this home was listed for sale earlier today, it came with an appropriately insane and massive price tag of…

$87.5 million

Here are two aerial views of Mark’s mansion from its MLS listing:

just listed! mark wahlberg offers sprawling beverly park mansion for... $87.5 million

via the MLS/Westside Estate Agency

just listed! mark wahlberg offers sprawling beverly park mansion for... $87.5 million

via the MLS/Westside Estate Agency

From the decade between 2001 and 2014, Mark Wahlberg and his wife lived in a different Beverly Hills mansion that is actually just down the street from one of Beverly Park’s two gated entrances. They bought their first Beverly Hills home in 2001 for $4.95 million.

In 2009 they plunked down $8.25 million for the undeveloped 6.2-acre property that became the home in the photos above.

It took four full years and an estimated $20 million to construct what became a 30,500 square-foot mansion that features 12 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms. Amenities include a home theater, tennis court, grotto pool, two-story library skate park, sport court and 5-hole golf course.

If Mark wants to set the record for most-expensive home sold in Beverly Park history, he will need to top the $70 million that private equity billionaire Alec Gores just got LAST WEEK for his 40,000 square-foot mansion. It should be achievable consider Gores’ property is on just 2.2 acres (vs. Mark’s 6.2) and does not features nearly the level of amenities.

Below is a drone video tour of Beverly Park. You see Mark’s mansion while it was still under construction at 10 seconds and then again at 3:40. And just for fun, at 2:23, you see a large grey mansion that according to property records is owned by Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. How is a humble ambassador rich enough to have what looks like a $50 million mansion? Reema’s great-grandfather Ibn Saud is the founder of modern Saudi Arabia. Her maternal grandfather was the King of Saudi Arabia from 1964 to 1975.

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