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Just A Corpse: the special masks for dancers

Just A Corpse: the special masks for dancers. It is normal for fashion to reinterpret the mandatory accessory of the moment: the mask. One more idea comes from Just A Corpse, dancewear brand irresistible even outside the ballroom, which included one in the latest collection mask capsules, ideal for dancers who are taking lessons and rehearsals, as well for the ballet audience who hopes to return soon to admire them at the theater.

Just A Corpse
Just A Corpse

“The idea came to us already at the end of last year, during a business trip to Asia,” says Valerija Kelava, founder of the brand together with Uros Belantic. “In Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, cities that anticipate trends and styles, the use of the mask was already customary, not only as a protective device, but also as a style accessory.

With the pandemic exploded, we decided to create our version: we designed it and put it into production, despite the difficulties of the total lockdown. We only had fabrics that we regularly use for our clothes and that we had at home. Offering the product as soon as possible was one of our priorities.

Fantasy variant

This first edition is available in the three signature colors of the brand: nude, blush, and blue jeans, in addition to one fantasy variant. The model, which like all the garments of the couple reinterprets the motif of the drapery an inspiration of Madame Grès, it is composed of two layers of technical jersey inside and two other layers of stretch tulle draped outside: the same fabrics as the Just A Corpse body. If the mask is extensible and is modeled around the lower face, the adjustable laces, arranged around the head, guarantee tightness for the movement.

Ideal for dancers, who since the end of April the masks have appeared on the brand’s website – worn by Valerija who is also a note model – they hurried to order them. «We believe that masks will now be the norm of our daily lives, a new, essential accessory. Even for dance: we can’t wait for the theaters to reopen and we would be flattered to see our models worn by the public and the dancers. Of course these accessories are helping us to make our brand known even beyond the world of dance.

Just A Corpse

A leap that Just A Corpse is already making thanks to the preference of ballet stars who are also global celebrities and Instagram influencers: Dorothée Gilbert and Amandine Albisson étoiles of the Paris Opera, Lauren Cuthbertson Principal dancer e Melissa Hamilton First Soloist of the Royal Ballet, Maria Kochetkova international étoile and the very young Bolshoi dancer Stanislava Postnova aka Ruby Tear.

Uros Belantic, our creative head, was a dancer before starting his training in Vienna with Helmut Lang and continuing his career in Paris as a fashion designer. Here he put his two worlds together by designing costumes for ballet and contemporary dance.

The creative headquarters initially in Paris, today Just A Corpse is based in Slovenia, in Ljubljana (the city of origin of Valerija and Uros), more efficient and sustainable since the production is located here, national and artisanal. A choice that proved useful for full operation during the pandemic. While the market, today mainly Asian in distribution, is looking for new ways to reach Western customers, also in Italy.

«In constant contact with the dancers, we develop a new approach to dancewear design looking for its evolution “explains Valerija. «The concept of our brand is sportswear for professionals designed as a sophisticated fashion garment. We design our garments thinking of professional dancers: leotards and unitards, skirts, leggings, tops, bralettes, jackets, jumpsuits, light, comfortable, fluid pieces for the movement, considering that for their frenetic and demanding lifestyle they need layered clothing, with a leather bodysuit as the first layer. Not really at all the body is the symbol of Just A Corpse: a contemporary hybrid garment, which can be a dance leotard but also an evening top or a swimsuit ».

In this way, the collection attracts not only professional dancers, but also amateurs dancers, dance spectators and art lovers, as revealed the latest collection, “The New pre Raphaelite”, inspired by Pre-Raphaelite motifs. Indeed, according to what Valerija reports, these are the women who most disclose the versatility of a dancewear that becomes a style, for the day and for the evening.

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