Julian’s Maturity & Growth Applauded By Fans

Some of the coupled-up men see the show as a free pass to cheat, but Julian seems willing to put in the work. Why are fans rooting for the Jersey boy?

Each of the couples on Temptation Island have their issues—and Julian Allen and Kristen Ramos are no exception. But the couple is unique because Julian seems to be especially committed to leaving the show with his girlfriend. Fans have taken note of him and how self-aware and honest he is with himself. Out of the four men, viewers are rooting for Julian the most and think he has the best shot at keeping his relationship intact, no matter what temptations are thrown his way.

Fans may roast Julian’s hair, but there’s not a lot else with which they take issue. Julian and Kristen have been together for 11 years but haven’t yet committed to pulling the trigger on an engagement. Though it’s true that Julian has cheated in the past, he’s done a good job taking ownership of his mistakes and putting in the work to be better. So far on the show, Julian has shown zero interest in the single women, and he’s not displaying any signs of cracking.

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The other three couples have been criticized by fans for not being legitimate, but Julian and Kristen seem like the real deal. Viewers are especially taken with Julian’s maturity and ability to gain insight from examining his past actions and mistakes. They point out that he’s more willing than the other men to open up and be vulnerable, which is a mark of someone in touch with themselves and their emotions. Many theorize that Julian has spent time in therapy and has grown as a result.

Out of the four coupled-up men on the island, Julian seems the least likely to cheat. Fans aren’t wrong that he possesses a level of insight and clarity about what he wants. While the other men aren’t sure if they will leave the island with their partners, Julian is steadfast that he wants to stay with Kristen, and often spends nights along in his room rather than party with the single women. For Julian, his time on the show is a chance for him and Kristen to work on themselves and not a free pass to cheat.

Many of the couples on Temptation Island are starting to show the cracks in their relationships, but between Julian’s commitment and Kristen starting to open up, the pair stands a chance of making it. Julian’s honesty with himself and Kristen puts him in a good position for further growth, which is exactly what they came on the show for. Though fans are doubtful about the resilience (and validity) of the other couples, they agree that Julian and Kristen are the most likely to leave the island with their relationship intact.

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