Julia & Brandon With Yara & Jovi On Double Date In LA

Everyone’s favorite Season 8 couples shared a double-date Instagram selfie from their trip to Los Angeles for the Tell-All episode.

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs and Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren appear to be fighting after their appearance 90 day fiancé. The stars of the show often form friendships with fellow castmates, because who else could possibly relate to what they’ve been through? Julia and Brandon and Yara and Jovi recently shared a selfie from a double date they had in Los Angeles, and the fans were there for it.

The two couples went through very different K1 visa trips on the show. Julia was trapped on a farm and argued with her fiancé’s parents about chores and sleeping with Brandon, while Yara was stranded in New Orleans with a questionably mature fiancé. After the show, fans noticed the two couples interacting on social media and wondered if a real friendship was forming. Now, in a new quadruple selfie, it seems clear that the two young couples bond over their shared experience.

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Julia posted a photo of the four of them having a drink at Cantina Frida in Beverly Hills, California. The group seemed to be having a good time, and fans got a glimpse of Yara and baby Mylah’s Jovi stroller in the background. The photo is most likely a throwback to when all four of them were in Los Angeles a few months ago filming season 8 Tell-All. Julia’s legend is also teasing the upcoming Tell-All episode, and all four are dressed warmly for Southern California, so the pic must be from February.

Fans loved seeing Yara and Jovi, Julia and Brandon together, and many said the four of them were the best couples in Season 8. Many fans expressed their disappointment for the rest of Season 8. Happy forever? season 6, and were delighted to find that Julia and Brandon and Yara and Jovi will also star in the season. Several wanted to bypass Happy forever? and launched a spin-off starring the two couples.

Fans love to follow their favorite franchise stars on social media, and when their lives intersect, it’s all the more exciting. After their long and rocky road 90 day fiancé, Julia and Brandon and Yara and Jovi must have had a lot to say. The two couples have a lot in common, and if they really hit it off when they first met for the Tell-All, maybe the spin-off is a possibility.

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: Julia Trubkina / Instagram

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French Egyptian in 90 day fiancé

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