JuJu Chan’s Net Worth in 2020

What is JuJu Chan’s net worth?


JuJu Chan is an American actress, singer, Taekwon-Do (ITF) athlete and Kung Fu actress born in Hong Kong. She is also a winner of the Miss Chinatown USA 2009 contest and has been dubbed the “Bruce Lee Woman” by fans.

In 2020, JuJu Chan’s net worth was around $ 6 million.


JuJu Chan was born on February 2, 1988 in Hong Kong.

Chan immigrated to the United States with her parents and twin sister at the age of 3. She studied at the University of San Francisco, where she earned a BA with honors in computer science and math.

Chan then obtained his master’s degree from the Tisch School of the Arts TV and Film School.


In August 2009, Chan participated in the RTHK reality series “Rich Mate Poor Mate”, where four participants from rich backgrounds live the lives of the less fortunate.

In 2012, she had one of the main roles, Ping Wei, the chief concubine, in Roger Corman’s Hollywood thriller ‘Palace of the Damned’. Chan also played lead actress Pixie Ho in an Australian-Chinese production of “Hit Girls”, an action-comedy short film.

JuJu became the champion of the “female black belt model and 3rd in the female black belt fight in 2013. JuJu was the lead actress of” Savage Dog “released in July 2017, and she received an actor award,” Best Actress in a Feature Film at Widescreen ”Film and Music Video Festival, in Miami for her role in“ Fist of the Dragon ”.

In August 2018, it was announced that JuJu would play the role of Zan in the Netflix series, “ Wu Assassins ”.

In 2020, JuJu Chan’s net worth was $ 6 million.

Strong points

Here are some of the best moments in JuJu Chan’s career:

  • Palace Of The Damned (Movie, 2012)
  • Savage Dog (Movie, 2017)

JuJu Chan’s Favorite Quotes

“Savage Dog is a complete action film with a captivating story that takes place in Indochina, in 1959. I play Isabelle in this film, the love interest of the character of Scott Adkins, Martin. It is the strongest will of Martin and her. Isabelle is an interesting, strong, resilient character, but above all she believes in good in the soul of man. Isabelle is optimistic, focused and determined to win and influence the man she believes to be her father (Steiner, played by Vladimir Kulich). ” – JuJu Chan

“I feel so privileged to have the chance to work with all of the wonderful cast members. We all became good friends after the shoot and we still meet sometimes for dinner and the gym. Most of my scenes are with Scott. Working with him was fun and wonderful! He’s great in action and drama scenes! ” – Juju Chan

“Yes, I entered the martial arts because of my love for an action film, since I was a child. My dad loves action movies and he put an action movie on TV almost every night at home, and when I was a kid, I loved copying what was on TV. But of course, it can be quite dangerous for a child to simply copy martial art movements without any training. “ – Juju Chan

“It is an honor to receive such titles, and it is an additional force that motivates me to continue to improve my skills and performance. But for me, I totally focus on being JUJU CHAN in the world of action film. ” – Juju Chan

3 amazing lessons from JuJu Chan

Now that you know everything about JuJu Chan’s net worth and how she succeeded; Let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn:

1. Never give up

No matter how you feel, get up, dress, show yourself and never give up.

2. Priority

Become a priority in your life.

3. Never stay downstairs

Falling is an accident, staying down is a choice.


JuJu Chan is a Chinese-American actress, best known for her combat action.

She is an award-winning actress, she is also a martial artist of many styles, but she is best known for her Taekwon-Do where she was part of the Hong Kong national team winning several medals, including gold, in competitions both knowledgeable and fighting.

In 2020, JuJu Chan’s net worth was around $ 6 million.

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