Jovi Reveals How Yara Got Back In Shape Post-Baby Mylah

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya finally revealed their baby daughter Mylah Angelica, who was born in September 2020, on a 90 Day Fiancé baby special.

The wait was finally over for those wanting to see pictures of 90 Day Fiancé season 8 couple Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren’s baby daughter, and now, fans are wondering how Yara got back into shape. As viewers witnessed Yara looking like a princess at her Elvis impersonator-officiated wedding in Las Vegas, they were also surprised by TLC’s baby special. Seeing Yara pregnant for the first time and then the journey of her delivery with Jovi by her side answered many questions. However, one lingered: how did Yara lose all the baby weight?

jovi reveals how yara got back
jovi reveals how yara got back

While the finale of 90 Day Fiancé season 8 had all eyes glued to TLC screens, the idea of adding a segment dedicated to Yara and Jovi’s baby was instantly declared as “cute.” As Yara got her dream nuptials in Vegas, with Jovi leaving for his four-week job immediately, the Ukrainian fashionista also found a mother figure in MIL Gwen. But even with Gwen by her side, Yara felt alone. It wasn’t long before 90 Day Fiancé fans saw Jovi let go of his immaturity and morph into dad-mode with Yara going into labor, and after the baby’s reveal, the NOLA party boy had fully embraced his new role.

All You Need To Know

Recently, the couple chatted with Us Magazine and confirmed rumors that their baby daughter Mylah was born in September 2020. “She’s smiling all the time, laughing and of course crying a lot too,” Jovi revealed while also claiming that the baby had got Yara’s “cranky” personality “100 percent.” Baby Mylah is now seven months old and needs attention, “basically 18 out of 24 hours a day,” according to her parents. Both Yara and Jovi having become parents for the first time are learning the baby’s ways through trial and error. Luckily, the classes they took “before the pregnancy and during” over Zoom seem to be helping.

Coming to how the young mother is doing after welcoming Mylah, Jovi spoke about Yara “still” breastfeeding, as feeding her formula to get “free time” doesn’t work. The Bayou boy referred to his wife’s baby bump as “cute” but also confessed how Yara was “back in shape” within a couple of weeks. The reason, according to Jovi, is Yara running “a lot.” Yara feels that she still needs to bring her body “to the same quality,” although “it’s going to take time.”

After being hounded with questions about fitness and diet on Instagram, the businesswoman Yara recently started sharing what she eats in a day on her stories. Not only has Yara been documenting her favorite healthy products, but the young 90 Day Fiancé mother has also been posting easy recipes from buttermilk pancakes to egg muffins. While Yara has always been a fashion influencer, with Mylah’s grand reveal, the 90 Day Fiancé celeb can use her fame to become a successful mommy blogger, too.

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