Jovi Dufren Roasted For How He Spreads Legs When He Sits

On a recent episode, fans saw a whole lot more than they wanted to of Jovi with his colossal manspreading during their Las Vegas wedding road trip.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé is notable to fans for having one of the worst crop of men the show has ever seen. One of the main sources of their outrage is Jovi Dufren. Viewers have been highly critical of the way Jovi treats his fiancé Yara Zaya and how he seems to put his friends first. In a recent episode, the couple and some of Jovi’s friends took a road trip and fans took issue with his colossal manspreading.

Jovi and Yara had originally planned on having a private Las Vegas wedding, but Jovi’s family and friends eventually wore her down and were invited to attend. In a recent episode, the wedding party flew from New Orleans to Los Angeles and then drove to Las Vegas. The trip was uncomfortable for Yara, who was pregnant at the time, and Jovi seemed to be oblivious to how she felt. Fans called out Jovi for not being more sensitive to his fiancé’s needs, and they felt his body language indicated his lack of care.

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Yara was miserable on the road trip, but Jovi looked to be having a great time. He was joking around with his friends and snapping selfies while Yara struggled with the trip. Fans noticed that throughout much of the ride, Jovi had his legs spread far and wide in the backseat while Yara was practically smooshed against the window. His extreme manspreading struck fans as a disregard for the people around him—namely Yara.

Fans were quickly turned off by his spread legs, exclaiming “Damn, close your legs! No one wants to see that!” Manspreading in general is a selfish act because it involves taking up more space than someone really needs, at the expense of the people sitting near them. It can also expose more than anyone wants to see. Jovi was criticized for being seemingly oblivious, and one fans said, “so he’s basically a dips*** in every facet of life.” They felt bad for Yara who had already been pressured into a larger wedding and now was stuck on a five-hour drive with a manspreader.

Jovi’s wide stance in the backseat is indicative of a larger problem—he often lacks the empathy needed to truly put his partner, and mother of his unborn child, first in his life. He’s very often oblivious to Yara’s feelings to the point where she has to spell everything out for him. Jovi recently caught flack from fans for his problematic behavior during his bachelor party, and now he still seems just as clueless. It’s troubling that he’s still having trouble being attentive to Yara’s needs that close to their actual wedding.

The fans of 90 Day Fiancé don’t pull punches when it comes to Jovi, and it could be because he’s taking on not just the responsibilities of marriage, but also the responsibilities that come with fatherhood. Manspreading isn’t the worst thing he’s done, but it does show he still has a long way to go when it comes to keeping his soon-to-be-wife’s needs at the front of his mind. He’s promised to do better, but fans are skeptical. They’ll believe it when they see it, and last episode they saw a whole lot more than they wanted to.

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