Jose Canseco Apparently Made $1 Million For 12 Seconds Of Barstool Boxing

Entertainer Jose Canseco earned enough money for just 12 seconds of work in the ring at the recent “Rough ‘n Rowdy” pay-per-view boxing event put on by Barstool Sports. In the card’s main event, Canseco squared off against Burstool’s Will “Billy Football” Couture for a stunning total of 12 seconds, before a shoulder injury kept him from continuing. According to the New York Post, between Canseco’s $ 50,000 fee upstairs and Barstool-record-breaking PPV sales, Barstool’s Dave Portnoy claims Canseco earned about $ 1 million for his role in Micro-Fight.

Portnoy accused Sensco of “diving,” portraying a character that Cenesco found to be an issue on his constantly cynical Twitter account:

“Get my name out of your filthy New England mouth repeatedly @stoolpresidente You’re a liar and a salesman (sly) … You and your Barnstool Minions have to keep marijuana down and focus on your failing business”

This was in response to a previous tweet by Portnoy in which he publicly alleged:

“Jose 100% took the plunge. We paid half in front and doubled if he won. We thought he would make sure he struggled. We were wrong.”

Nick Lahm / Getty Images

In another tweet, Canseco appears to be promising future revelations that will clarify his name on the allegation that he threw the fight:

“Wait for it. Find out what’s really happened here, has anyone ever seen me get hit in the face, wait for the truth to come to you in a theater”

Whatever happened in the ring that night was a very lucrative show for both Barstool Sports and Jose Canseco, even leaving a lot of fans disappointed at the main event, which cost home viewing Was $ 19.99 for.

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