JoJo Siwa Without Ponytail Pics

JoJo Siwa Without Ponytail Pics

If there is one thing I can count on in these uncertain times, it is that (a) pizza is the only person who really understands me, (b) I will never be able to make sourdough, and (c ) JoJo Siwa is never without a ponytail. Until! Now!

The 16-year-old JoJo’s brand identity is essentially based on wearing her hair in giant knots (which she sells naturally for $), but she just hit TikTok and showed everyone what her looks were like. hair freed from his darling handcuffs. Apparently, this video is the result of JoJo telling fans that she would make all the best comment on this the message said:

JoJo Siwa Without Ponytail Pics
JoJo Siwa Without Ponytail Pics
  • Stop everything you’re doing: JoJo Siwa just pulled out his high ponytail in an instantly iconic TikTok video.
  • JoJo fans asked her to “dress normally for a day” and she gave birth fully.

And yes, someone wrote “Dress normally for a day”. The result = a little surprising, will not lie:

Like … am I jealous of JoJo Siwa’s hair and fashun? Perhaps. But then again, I haven’t washed my hair since we entered social isolation, so anything other than my own reflection looks pretty good these days.

AN-Y-WAY, in other news from JoJo Siwa, she has just disguised herself as a giant plush dinosaur and participated in season 3 of The masked singer, in case you were wondering, which you certainly weren’t.

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