Johnny Depp Denied Appeal in UK Libel Case as #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Trends

The hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp is trending once again after Johnny Depp’s attempt to appeal a British court’s ruling against him in November was denied. Last year, Depp had filed a libel lawsuit against the publisher of The Sun, a British tabloid, for referring to him as a “wife-beater,” based on allegations from ex-wife Amber Heard that the Pirates of the Caribbean star was physically abusive during their marriage. The judge ended up tossing his suit, ruling that Heard’s claims were “substantially true.”

Johnny Depp and his lawyers have since argued their case for appeal, and on Thursday, he was given another big loss. Two Court of Appeal judges ruled that Depp cannot challenge the High Court’s rejection of his lawsuit, so there isn’t going to be an appeal of the controversial judgment. Jurists James Dingemans and Nicholas Underhill decided that the previous hearing was “full and fair” and that the judge’s decision has “not been shown even arguably to be vitiated by any error of approach or mistake of law.

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The two added that the appeal “has no real prospect of success and that there is no other compelling reason for it to be heard.”

In appealing the decision, Depp had argued that he hadn’t received a fair hearing. His lawyers presented audio evidence of Heard allegedly admitting to being violent toward Depp, and at one point in the tapes, she allegedly tells Johnny that nobody will believe him. Depp’s legal team also introduced new evidence to argue that Heard hadn’t kept her promise to donate her $7 million divorce settlement to charity, something that lawyers say swayed the decision of the previous judge, High Court Justice Andrew Nicol.

“Her donation of the seven million U.S. dollars to charity is hardly the act one would expect of a gold-digger,” Nicol stated in his ruling in November.

Unfortunately for Depp, the appeals judges ay that it’s “pure speculation, and in our view very unlikely” that the disposition of the divorce money influenced the decision of Nicol to toss the case.

“It is clear from a reading of the judgment as a whole that the judge based his conclusions on each of the incidents on his extremely detailed review of the evidence specific to each incident,” they said. “In an approach of that kind there was little need or room for the judge to give weight to any general assessment of Ms. Heard’s credibility.”

For better or for worse, the legal drama between Depp and Heard is still not over. In the United States, Depp filed a separate libel lawsuit against Heard directly for originally making the claims of domestic abuse in an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018. It’s going to be a minute before the case is heard, as it’s scheduled to go to trial in April 2022.

Losing his appeal is no doubt a big blow for Depp, who’s already been booted from the Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts movie franchises in relation to his never-ending troubles with Heard. Still, his fans are standing behind him with #JusticeForJohnnyDepp trending once again. Maybe he’ll have better luck proving his side of the story in a court of law when he faces off with Amber again in an American court next year. This news comes to us from The Los Angeles Times.

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