Johnny Depp Accusing Ex-Wife Amber Heard Of Lying About Donating $7 Million Divorce Settlement To Charity

There was a 1999 song by the band Limp Bizkit, titled “Break Stuff,” with the chorus “It’s All About He / She Said Bullsh * t,” which I can’t help but about every time. I think more news about him is the ongoing fight between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Hurd. Recently, Depp accused Hurd of lying to what he did to the $ 7 million settlement he had received in the divorce. Herd claimed to have donated all of this. Depp alleges that he lied about her and took money for himself instead.

Back in 2016, when the former couple reached a settlement for their divorce, Shravan said he did not want Depp’s money. She said that she was going to compromise between the two charities. Depp’s legal team has spent the last year looking at those donations to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and ACLU to try to find out if anything happened, the herd donated. The ACLA is not responding to many subpoenas. Children’s Hospital LA has documents showing that Herd donated $ 100,000 to the institution, not $ 100,000 million. The hospital was concerned with the discrepancy of what Herd had pledged and donated and reportedly asked him in the summer of 2019 whether his pledge would be fulfilled.

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Depp’s legal team is allegedly citing Children’s Hospital LA’s letter as evidence that Lade was lying when he spoke about Dan, not only in interviews, but in evidence he had against Depp Was given to London court in defamation case. He lost the case against “The Sun” newspaper when the judge agreed to portray the paper as a wife-beater. In that case, Hurd testified that she remained financially independent of him during her marriage and donated her entire divorce agreement. Herd’s donation was referred to by the judge as having decided to rule in favor of “The Sun” and wrote against Depp: “The donation of $ 7 million to the charity would hardly have been that of gold. Would expect from the digger. “

Depp is working on an op-ed published by Herd in 2018 with a $ 50 million defamation lawsuit against “The Washington Post”. The title of the op-ed: “I spoke out against sexual violence and faced the wrath of our culture.” Changes. “It doesn’t specifically refer to Depp by name, but let’s face it, everyone knows who he was referring to. Depp claims that this earned him a” Pirates of the Caribbean “franchise Fired from the role of Captain Jack Sparrow and ruined his reputation.

For what it’s worth, Hurd’s attorney did not specify how much his client had donated to date, but claimed that Hurd intended to eventually fulfill the $ 7 million pledge. He also blamed Depp for the delay because Hurd had to spend millions to defend himself against Depp’s charges. However, the op-ed was published in late 2018 and Depp filed her complaint about it in March 2019 – almost two and a half years later, when she publicly announced that she was donating her entire divorce process . His statement about donating all this happened in August 2016. The hospital reportedly received a check for $ 100,000 as payment in the days following the $ 3.5 million pledge. In October 2018, Herd was asked about a divorce settlement on a Dutch Current Affairs show. He said: “Seven million dollars in total was donated, I split it between ACLU and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.”

When it comes to these two, it’s all about “he said / he said bull * t.”

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