John Williams Has an Heir Apparent, and It’s Kevin Kiner

Music is just as much a character Star wars like anybody else, or whatever. What John Williams has managed to do throughout the Skywalker Saga, spanning more than four decades, is nothing short of impressive. This music helped define and enhance George Lucas’ beloved sci-fi series and a galaxy far, far away. But Williams would have finished after his work on The Rise of Skywalker. Again, Star wars going to live in a big way. The good news is that Williams already has an alleged heir, and his name is Kevin Kiner.

Fans will be forgiven for not knowing Kevin Kiner by name, but many who love Star wars know his work intimately. Kiner has been an integral part of the franchise for over a decade as the lead songwriter of the two Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. These animated shows represent some of the franchise’s most beloved and acclaimed works. Period. And Kiner’s music was a big part of it. Week after week he managed to make these shows sound like Star wars, using the iconic work of John Williams as a springboard.

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John williams composed music for nine Star Wars films. Kevin kiner composed the soundtracks for nearly 200 television episodes in this universe. Although he hasn’t had a chance to score a feature film in the franchise, except for the 2008 The clone wars animated film, which was basically just multiple episodes put together, there’s no question about Kiner’s experience. He knows this world intimately and has demonstrated time and time again that he can indeed add that much-needed musical layer to great moments. If there is someone more qualified to take over from Williams, it would be difficult to find him.

That’s not to say Kevin Kiner should be the one to compose Star wars music in the future. Clearly, this is not a practical expectation. Disney and Lucasfilm not only have several films in the works, such as Thieves squadron and a mystery film by Taika Waititi, but several shows are in development for Disney +. Ahsoka, Obi wan kenobi, Rangers of the New Republic and Boba Fett’s book, Just to name a few. But if there’s someone who can take the torch and lead the next generation of Star wars, musically speaking, Kiner is the chosen one, so to speak.

Now whether or not Lucasfilm sees it that way is a whole other question. Ludwig Goransson was selected to provide the soundtrack for The Mandalorian, and it went very well. Meanwhile, it was Michael Giacchino who scored Thief one, the first non-saga entry in the franchise in 2016. John Powell handled these tasks for Solo. Kiner hasn’t done live action yet. Star wars work to date. Maybe Lucasfilm and Disney see him as the animation guy. But that would indeed be a wrong line of thinking.

Either way, there are plenty of opportunities for Kevin Kiner to expand his role within the franchise in the years to come. Star wars is not going anywhere. He advances with or without John Williams. If this is to be the case, then the man who gave us works as Kanan and fire and Ahsoka leaves should absolutely make good use of his talents. The good news is that Kiner will be back for the next animated series. The bad lot. However, someone who has proven himself to be the second great John Williams in this area should have the opportunity to expand beyond that. Your move, Lucasfilm.

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