Joe’s 10 Cutest Moments On Modern Family

The youngest character to grow up on screen while gracing Modern Family was Joe Pritchett. He was a surprise to Gloria and Joe but gave a new meaning to their life together. Gloria was able to baby another son and Jay was able to feel alive again. Adorably, Joe was unlike any other character.

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For being so young, Joe added a new spark to the hit sitcom. He was exactly what Jay wanted: a miniature version of himself. He emulated his father but had Gloria’s spunk. And while Haley and Dylan’s twins came in and stole the show in the 11th season, little Joe will always have some of the cutest moments in the show. No wonder he’s one of Modern Family‘s most likable characters.

10 His Casablanca Speech

Joe recites Casablance lines to Jay in Modern Family episode Double Click

Casablanca is one of Jay’s favorite movies. He acts tough, but Jay is a softie deep down. In one scene, Gloria taught Joe some of the most important lines in Casablanca and walked away so that his words would have an emotional impact on Jay. With tears in his eyes, Jay stared at his son in disbelief. Joe nailed every line and looked up at his dad with big, brown eyes.

9 When He Drank Manny’s Espresso

Joe drinking Manny's espresso in Modern Family

When Manny and Jay spend the night away, Gloria was excited to put Joe to bed early and have a quiet night to herself. Gloria put Joe through a series of exhausting movements to get him ready for bed but it was all for nothing when he found Manny’s cup of espresso.

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He chugged the caffeinated drink and was up all night. The only thing Gloria could do was drop Joe off at Claire and Phil’s so she could have a moment of peace. As fans know, though, even when Joe is bothersome, he’s adorable.

8 When He Supported Dylan

The Modern Family cast at Haley's baby shower

At Dylan and Haley’s baby shower, Dylan was feeling particularly left out when he thought everyone was talking about him behind his back. Joe was the only one who realized how cold everyone was being to Dylan and called everyone out when he ran away. For someone as young as Joe, he was mature enough to realize when someone needed help and made sure to let his family know how wrong it was of them. It was one of his braver moments. 

7 His New Fondness Of Goats

Joe Pritchett becomes friends with a goat on Modern Family

When Cam and Mitch threw a Thanksgiving jamboree, they had farm animals in the backyard to add to the theme. At first, little Joe was scared of the goat but Gloria made it her mission for Joe to get along with the animals. She told the cameras that Manny was scared of most animals and she didn’t want the same fate for Joe.

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Throughout the day, Joe was seen playing with the animals but when something startled the goat, the goat ran into the wall of the house and died. To keep Joe from being horrified, Gloria tried keeping Joe from the body until it was cleaned up. 

6 His Valentine’s Day Surprise

Claire, Phil and Joe dressed up in Modern Family episode Written in the Stars

When Valentine’s Day rolled around, Joe admitted to the camera crew that he had a crush on Claire. Of course, Joe was too young to understand that he couldn’t have a crush on his half-sister, so he tried getting Phil out of the picture to have Claire all to himself. He put on a dapper outfit, put on fun music, and locked Phil out of the house while he waited for Claire to appear.

When Phil got back into the house, he had an adorable conversation with Joe about letting go of Claire because Phil loved her. He made it out that he would never have a chance with Claire as long as Joe was in the picture. Joe understood and “allowed” Phil to be with Claire. 

5 The Wrong Choice Of Gift

Joe gave his teacher lingere for valentines day on modern family

When Joe wanted to do something nice for his teacher, he took lessons from his dad: give her lingerie. Joe was too young to understand the meaning of such a gift; he was simply doing what his dad did for his mom. He borrowed Gloria’s lingerie and gifted it to his teacher, which resulted in calling Jay and Gloria into school for a little chat. 

Jay had to tell Joe his behavior was inappropriate and that only boyfriends and girlfriends can gift each other such things. But by the end of the episode, Joe took his dad’s words too literal and gave his crush his mother’s underwear. 

4 His Brief Love Of Golf

Jay teaching Joe how to play golf in Modern Family episode He Said She Shed

When Jay took Joe to the golf club to practice his game, he realized Joe had real promise. He was young but could really swing at the ball. Luckily for Jay, Joe enjoyed playing golf and liked the competition. After a while, the competition got to his head and he started acting out on the course.

After watching how his mother reacted to conflict, Joe became aggressive with other golfers and had to be carried off the course. And while he was a little too assertive for golf, it was cute seeing Joe with a full storyline to himself. 

3 He Took Over For Manny

Joe Pritchett reading the newspaper in Modern Family

Manny never did act like a kid, which is why Jay loved him so much. Manny was always a well-spoken and mature man — even at the age of 10. There was a ton of things Manny did around the house without Jay or Gloria even knowing it. He loved his parents and wanted to do good for them. 

When Manny went away to college, he gave Joe a list of things to do around the house while he was gone. Getting fresh flowers, picking up Jay’s socks, and getting coffee ready in the morning were all things Manny did for his parents. Joe tried following in his older brother’s footsteps and made the home tidy for his parents. He just wanted to make everyone proud in the house. 

2 His Love Of Stealing

Joe Pritchett tells the cameras that he likes stealing in Modern Family

After watching Manny take shampoo and conditioner from the hotel, Joe assumed it was okay to do the same thing with other products. It was an obvious case of a child imitating their parents.

As a gift for his father, Joe gave Jay a stolen ice bucket and blow dryer. Jay was incredibly confused but took the gift anyway. Joe told the cameras that he liked stealing and that it made his “heart go fast.” 

1 Joe Knew How To Use His Cuteness To His Advantage

Joe Pritchett acts like a dog on Modern Family

Because of Joe’s age, there were a few words and letters that were hard for Joe to say. Gloria brought him to speech class to enhance his English and it only made him more adorable. Manny, however, was tired of his brother’s cute act and wanted attention to himself. But when he realized he could use Joe’s cuteness to his advantage, he softened up and invited his crush over.

As soon as Manny’s classmate arrived at the house, Joe pretended to be a dog and bit her! But with an adorable face like Joe’s, she couldn’t stay mad for long.

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