Joe Black Raffles Off H&M Dress For Charity

A lucky fan can win Joe Black’s infamous H&M dress. The Drag Race UK star is raffling it off to benefit The Sussex Beacon, which helps those with HIV.

There were countless unforgettable moments on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season two. From Ginny Lemon’s impromptu lip-sync exit to A’Whora’s filthy standup routine, many fans preferred the comedy and drama of the international queens over Drag Race season 13 in America. However, one scene may go down in the “her-story” books as the most memorable: RuPaul’s shocking rage over Joe Black’s H&M dress. Instead of putting that tense moment behind him, Joe is using the infamous dress for the greater good by raffling it off for charity.

The hot pink mini made its debut on the Main Stage after the seven-month pandemic break. Joe wore the dress for a maxi challenge, which tasked him with joining Tia Kofi, Sister Sister and Ellie Diamond in the Eurovision girl group Bananadrama. As a lover of all-things-spooky, singing and dancing to the pop tune “UK Hun?” was not in Joe’s wheelhouse. He also never expected to be voted back into the competition following his week one elimination, and had sold half of his outfits to pay rent. The cabaret-esque look didn’t sit well with Ru, who harshly reprimanded Joe for sporting an off-the-rack article of clothing. For the second time, Joe was forced to “sashay away.”

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Rather than simply tossing the dress that led to his demise, Joe is utilizing its unprecedented popularity for a good cause. He recently announced on Instagram that he’s raffling off the H&M piece to raise money for The Sussex Beacon. The Brighton-based charity provides care and support for those living with HIV in the Sussex area through inpatient and outpatient services. Joe said, “Let’s turn an infamous TV moment into something genuinely impactful that can help improve people’s lives shall we? Dress shall be framed like a proper art piece, so no need to worry about size.” The raffle runs through June 1, with 1,000,000 tickets available for purchase. A mere six hours after the raffle launched, The Sussex Beacon shared that over $3,000 had already been raised to support its efforts.

It’s clear that Joe took, and continues to take, Ru’s criticism with grace. When people ask if he would do anything differently if given the chance, Joe’s answer is always a resounding “no.” He previously said, “I think I would be doing a disservice by doing anything differently. Now I have my very own Tyra Banks moment.”

Even when placed in a situation that was entirely out of his comfort zone – performing in a girl band – Joe stayed true to himself rather than trying to embrace a big-haired inner Ellie Diamond. Though this ultimately resulted in Joe’s second “sashay,” he’s now able to use that experience for the benefit of others.

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