Jesse Colin Young Net Worth

Jessie Colin Young Net worth: Jessie Colin Young is an American singer and songwriter with a net worth of $ 2 million. He is known for his solo career and performing with Youngbloods.

Jessie Colin Young was born in November 1941 in Queens, New York. He was the lead singer and a founding member of the Band of the Youngbloods, which formed in 1965 and released five albums, including his self-titled debut in 1967. “The Band’s Single” Together “reached # 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Jesse Colin Young released his first solo album, The Soul of a City Boy, in 1964. His album Light Shine was released in 1974 and released in the US and Canada. Both reached # 37. Young’s album Songbird was released in 1975 and reached # 20 in Canada and # 26 in the US with their song “Sunlight” covered by Three Dog Knight and their song “Darkness” , “Darkness” was covered by Robert Plant and nominated for a Grammy Award. He began performing with his son Tristan after suffering from Lyme disease.

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