Jess Caroline Gives Hairless Cat A Bath On TikTok

Jess Caroline, who once bonded with Colt Johnson over their shared love of felines, gave her hairless cat a bath in a video on the TikTok app.

Jess Caroline from 90 Day Fiancé gave her hairless cat a bath on TikTok, and the video has since gone viral. The popular app is a hotbed of content ranging from quirky to outright absurd. Meanwhile, Jess bathing her kitty is just another fun convergence of 90 Day Fiancé with the outside world.

The Brazilian transplant once bonded with ex-boyfriend Colt Johnson over their shared love of felines. Now, Jess is dazzling her followers by giving her own beloved pet a bath. Pet videos on TikTok are racking up views and likes. There are also legions of viewers who find cat content, in particular, pretty entertaining. Jess bathing her hairless cat, which is most likely a Sphynx, is an interesting spectacle. People have been mesmerized by the unusual breed for years due to its lack of fur and wrinkled texture. It seems that her husband, Brian Hanvey, is allergic to cats. Dander in the fur can cause mild symptoms such as watery eyes and sniffles. However, pet allergies can even escalate to hives, sneezing, and other dangerous physical reactions like anaphylaxis. So this cat is the perfect compromise for the couple.

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Jess washed her cat on TikTok and it sent social media into a tizzy. Her pet may be creepy to most, but for this devoted pet mom, she’s going to love her baby no matter what. Despite the love and affection Jess has for her beloved pet, there are many people out there who find this breed disturbing.

Jess Caroline Brian Hanvey In 90 Day Fiance 2

Sadly, they haven’t been shy about telling her what they think. Many people following her social media exploits have commented to Jess that they think the cat is ugly. Because it has no hair, it is unusual in appearance, but beautiful to some. In an epic clapback, Jess replied, “Ugly is you.”

TikTok is the perfect forum to enjoy such a random activity and actually find people willing to sit there and watch. The pandemic has forced so many of us to be stuck at home for hours at a time, so having plenty of pet videos is imperative for relaxation and peace. Now, 90 Day Fiance fans are likely eagerly awaiting Jess’ next TikTok to help them get by with a little sense of humor during these trying times.

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