Jess Caroline Ditches Long Hair, Debuts New Hairstyle

Jess Caroline cut her long locks short and also dyed them in dark brown hair color! One fan said: “This length is perfect for you.”

Jess Caroline from 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? rocked a new hairstyle, which completely changed her look. She cut her long locks short and now wears a long, fresh haircut. Earlier, Rebecca Parrott was seen showing off a new hairstyle on her Instagram. She colored her hair jet black and also added extensions which gave her a more youthful look. A lot 90 day fiancé Celebrities were thrilled to see her new hair and said that the color looks best on her. Natalie, who appeared to have an ox with her, also said she was beautiful.

During the show, Colt Johnson’s ex-girlfriend had red hair and she rose to fame as a redhead beauty. But earlier this year, Jess went to a Brazilian hairdresser and had her hair colored. She showed off her new hair color called strawberry blonde shade on Instagram. But many fans didn’t really like her new hair color and said red hair suited her the best. Some have also said that she should have her hair dyed a dark brown shade as it will compliment her fair skin.

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Looks like Jess followed her fans’ suggestion. She is now showing off a new hairstyle and dark brown hair color. The 25-year-old Brazilian native has always shown long locks on her social networks. She is now experimenting with the length of her hair. Jess has the most popular hairstyle this year, a long cut with a middle part. This hairstyle has been previously flaunted by SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian and model Emily Ratajkowski. Check out the video posted by @ 90daythemelanatedway on IG:

She filmed a TikTok video and captioned it as “new hair, I don’t care”. She first taped into long locks, then used the lens cover transition to show off her new look. A lot 90 day fiancé fans loved her hair, and some of them commented, “wow..she looks gorgeous in that hair!” “It looks amazing, so brilliant!” and “This length is perfect for you.“Others said her previous hairstyle looked a lot better. Another fan mentioned that she looked like David’s wife, Annie Suwan.

Someone else mentioned that Debbie Johnson, Colt’s mother, accused Jess of sending her a disturbing message on Instagram. The shocking text read “you go to hell let the life of a colt stay away.“Although the message was sent from an anonymous source, Debbie reshared it and said the sender must be Jess. 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? viewers might not believe it, but the texts suggest an English speaker didn’t write it.

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