Jennifer Lopez’s 2020 AMAs Performance Spurs Beyoncé Comparisons

In addition, Jennifer danced around a chair in black, blue and red light, similar to Bey at the time.

“Has anyone noticed that J. Lo is overtaking Beyoncé on her performance in Amos,” One Twitter user commented. somebody else Shared, “Now why did J Lo steal Beyoncé’s whole thing like that Lamao.”

one more Twitter user added, “So I’m not the only one who” but wait …. “was in love with J Lo and he gave us a whole #Beyonce in the 2014 grammar.”

one more Posted, “J.Lo copied Beyoncé’s performance of 2013 AMAs and no one can tell me otherwise. She did hairstyles, poses, outfits, poses … Hell she even did pre-recorded live shit. Me Sorry. But Queen B had to sue. “

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