Jell-O Shot Jenga Exists And It’s Genius

When you hang out with friends, there seem to be two different modes that the night can get into: you have a game night at home with snacks or you take pictures and stay outside until 3 am morning, but who ever said you have to have one or the other? It’s 2020, baby! That’s why we all add this awesome Jell-O Shot Jenga set to our carts immediately.

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Double Shot Shot Jello Shot


Brian Calteaux of Winona, MN, sells them on his Etsy StonePointWoodwork store, according to the Crafty Morning site, and they’re even better than you’d expect. Each looks like a typical Jenga board with 54 pieces, but hidden inside 15 pieces, there are places to hide Jell-O shots. When you play, if you draw one of these pieces, the shot is yours.

Brian has done it all foolproof: it comes with 25 1 oz. Jell-O cups with lids, rolled rules for playing and even a recipe card, if you need a little help making Jell-O plans yourself. He sells two versions of the game on his store, one with coins that contain one hit for $ 79 and another with coins that contain two hits for $ 89.

As he pointed out, this game is totally awesome for practically all occasions: tailgates, bachelor parties, adult birthdays. It’s the perfect way to start a game night or break the ice at a party where maybe the little chat is getting a little boring. We’ve all been there …

Judging by all the positive reviews on its site, I would order this sooner rather than later. After all, the tailgate season will be back before you know it.

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