Jeff Bezos Spends $16 Million To Complete His NYC Apartment Dream Home

Jeff Bezos Spends $16 Million To Complete His NYC Apartment Dream Home

Piece by piece, the billionaire founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos bought units from 212 Fifth Avenue, spending $ 80 million on various apartments adjacent to the upper floors of the luxury building. Now, The New York Post reports he recovered another $ 16 million unit from the 20th floor of the building to complete his so-called “dream home” in the city.

Bezos’ latest real estate acquisition is a three-bedroom unit alongside two other upstairs apartments just below the three-story penthouse in the building which, you guessed it, also belongs to Bezos. This means that Bezos owns almost all of the last four floors of 212 Fifth, and his readiness to complete the set is evident by having paid “more than the market value” for the unit, according to Dolly Lenz of Dolly Lenz Real Estate, cited in the Publish. She says the purchase “makes perfect sense” due to the unit’s practical position among the properties of the building that Bezos had already purchased.

And then she highlighted Bezos’ decision to buy more goods in New York even during the coronavirus pandemic:

“I think it’s a boost of confidence that the richest man in the world is clearly overtaking the most important city in the world – even if it is the capital of coronaviruses.”

Bezos paid $ 58 million for the 212 Fifth Ave penthouse in 2017, a bargain compared to its original asking price of nearly $ 74 million. He then paid an additional $ 22 million for two units below. With the last purchase of $ 16 million, he sank about $ 96 million in his apartments in the building, and now work to combine them into one massive house will begin soon.

This means that if you are not friends with Bezos, you may have to wait a while to see what his “dream home” will look like. But you can take a look at the penthouse at 212 Fifth Ave in the video below from Open House TV:

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