Jeff Bezos Has Sold $10 Billion Of Amazon Stock So Far This Year

We are only a month into the new year and Jeff Bezos has already unloaded more than $ 10 billion of Amazon stock through a pre-arranged trading plan filed with the SEC. Bezos still owns more than 10% of the company established in 1996. In the 15 years since Amazon went public, it has sold about a fifth of the company for $ 2 billion. This does not include the $ 10 billion sold in the previous month. In the past year, Bezos’ total assets have grown to $ 188 billion. For a time in 2020, his total assets were over 200 billion dollars. He was the world’s wealthiest man from October 2017 to January 2021 when Elon Musk overtook him. Today, Amazon costs more than $ 1.6 trillion. On Wednesday, January 27, Bezos’ total assets soared to $ 10.5 billion – one of the largest single-days for Bezos.

Over the years, Bezos has opted out of Amazon. He is the owner of “Washington Post” and Whole Foods. He has also committed $ 10 billion to combat the effects of climate change through the Bezos Earth Fund. He is also a member of the elite club of billionaires that owns space exploration companies. Bezos’ Blue Origin is funded by $ 1 billion every year that it raises by selling it from Amazon’s stock.

Paul Morigi / Getty Images for Amazon

Prior to this $ 10 billion sale, Bezos owned 58 million shares of Amazon which is equivalent to approximately 12% of the total outstanding shares. His stake in the company is now around 10%. At its peak, he had 80 million shares of Amazon. When he and his ex-wife Mackenzie Scott divorced in April 2019, he transferred 19.7 million shares to her as part of their epic divorce settlement. Mackenzie’s shares were valued at $ 36 billion at the time of the transfer. Bezos had total assets of $ 136 billion before the transfer. McKenzie could have been entitled to half of all of Jeff’s assets as they had all acquired during their marriage. The couple married in 1993, three years before Amazon was founded. If he had got half of Jeff’s total assets, McKenzie could have been given $ 70 billion in stock and various other assets.

In the last 10 months, Bezos has had a net worth of $ 74 billion. Today, McKenzie Scott has total assets of $ 57 billion. She is a member of The Giving Pledge. Jeff Bezos is not.

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