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Jeans outfit: 10 denim brands to know

Jeans outfit: 10 denim brands to know

Trends that come and go: flared or wide pants, miniskirts or midi, high or low waist. Denim has many shades of canvas and meaning, has been the protagonist of stories and myths, as well as a symbol of a simple and functional yet fascinating way of dressing. A true indispensable classic: but which brands are worth investing in or which should not be missing in the wardrobe?

We bet that many of you have one very high pile of jeans, collected over years of shopping: difficult to throw them away not only for the memory they represent but also for the iconic blue canvas which, although lived or cut in a “past” style, remains of quality.

Candiani Denim

The company was founded in 1938 and is an example of excellence in the denim world: in four generations the textile company has become one of the most relevant in the sector, as well as a producer for the most prestigious brands in the world. The new proposals look at creativity (below a look of the latest collection, born from the collaboration with Steve Aoki of Dim Mak) and sustainability. They are the project of the first completely biodegradable stretch denim.

Current / Elliott

The most famous model is the “boyfriend” model: over the years the Californian company has distinguished itself for the fabrics developed with an eco-responsible approach, ensuring maximum performance of blue jeans.


Behind this label is Renzo Rosso’s intuition: it all starts with the first trousers, made on the mother’s sewing machine, created when she was just 15 years old. Diesel models represent a modern and gritty style, make denim a couture product. The stone washed treatment, typical of the brand, ages the fabric to create a new Italian style. The mastery of modeling completes the packaging, always avant-garde.

Frame Denim

Creating essential and chic jeans, this is the desire that moves Jens Grede, Erik Torstensson, Josh Levine and Nico Peyrache. The four friends combine the quality of the materials with the heritage of casual wear in Los Angeles, to create a product that has become a cult in street style looks.

J Brand

The denim label most loved by celebrities: J Brand was launched on the market in 2004 by fashion veteran Jeff Rudes and ex stylist Susie Crippen, the brand quickly adapted to the fast pace of changing trends and mode. The fabric is characterized by a light herringbone and a soft and pleasant hand.


The company that transformed denim into a cult fabric, jeans from a work garment to a head of daily and fashion clothing, a symbol of entire generations. The rest is history …


It is the young Californian jeans brand that is particularly appreciated for its wearability: each model is in fact studied based on the performance of the fabric after washing and treatments.

Re / Done

Innovative jeans, for details and refinement of elements. The brand was born from Sean Barron, a veteran in the fashion sector and Jamie Mazur, founder of Underground denim: the duo has always been fond of jeans and collects vintage models from the 50-60-70-80-90 years. Starting from the cult pieces, the designers enhance the original characteristics, giving a modern touch.

Roy Roger’s

The first Made in Italy jeans, which can be recognized by the black triangles sewn on the back pocket. The Tuscan company was born after the war, importing the savoir faire of American casual wear but enriched with Italian technology. History and quality are their strengths, also remembered in the song Years of group 883.

Two Women Two Men

A jeans brand that was born in the heart of the Marche region, in one of the most important districts of Italian textiles. The manufacturing tradition applied to new technologies, such as specialized labs and laundries, are the prominent elements for these jeans cut in a fashion key.

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