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Jeans: A classic solution for men and women for every season

Whatever your style preferences, denim jeans are a trend that is hard to avoid. Jeans are still as popular today as ever, though they were invented nearly 150 years ago!

Some cuts have stayed traditional and are still favoured by many jean-wearers. However, new jean trends are available for men and women every year, and are worth exploring for yourself.

In this article, we break down some of the top jean styles so you can find your perfect fit. At DeFacto, we have a huge range of colours, sizes, cuts and even special detailing to help you find your sense of individualism in the jeans you wear.


Women’s Jeans Styles for 2022

There are many attractive jean styles for women in 2022, but we’ve broken down some of our top picks for the season below. You won’t want to miss out on these fashion staples.

Wide Leg Jeans

Though we personally find that a slimmer cut jean never goes out of style (more on that later), wide leg denim has come onto the scene in the last year in a big way, and isn’t likely to disappear any time soon.

Our 90’S Wide Leg Jean Trousers give you freedom and flexibility with their slightly baggy style. They look both casual and on trend for maximum appeal.

Straight Leg, Slim Fit and Skinny/Jeggings

As we said, though skinny jeans may be less of a staple than they were five to ten years ago, jeans with a slimmer leg will never go out of style completely. That is because they are flattering for many body types and they add a little more elegance to a fabric that is seen as more casual.

Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans come in many forms. You may know them as bleached, ripped, or artfully dyed with unusual jean colours. Basically, any jean where the fabric surface itself has been altered is considered “distressed.”

To make the most of this style, check out DeFacto’s Paperbag Fit Distressed Jean Trousers. They pair a more loose, young fit with a unique grey-blue wash for a look that stands out.

Men’s Jeans Styles in 2022

Men can absolutely get in on the fun of trying different jean cuts in 2022. Here are a few styles that are trending now.


Slim Fit and Skinny Fit

As with women’s jeans, slimmer jean styles for men are a trend that also does not seem to be going away any time soon. Whether you favour a rock n’ roll lifestyle, or simply prefer to maintain a sleek silhouette in what you wear, these types of jeans are definitely for you. Go for skinny for a more defined, Noel Fielding look, or slim for something more casual.

Relaxed, Baggy, and Loose

On the other side of the men’s jeans coin are more loose, baggy jeans. These still come in several different gradients of “looseness” so try a few different options to see what suits your body. These kinds of jeans definitely convey a more casual feel, though they can be just as stylish as other jeans styles when paired with trendy hoodies or jackets.

Boot Cut

The last classic men’s jeans we want to draw your attention to is the boot cut. We love a boot cut because it still speaks of the jean’s humble origin – a working man’s trouser that can withstand lots of wear and tear. Though you may not be lassoing cattle any time soon, a boot cut can still make a strong and sexy statement in your wardrobe.

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