Jeans: 10 tips for choosing the perfect model

Our advice on how to choose jeans, the perfect denim model suitable for your body

We talk a lot about fashion trends that are renewed every season, but when it comes to jeans it is also a question of wearability and whether the garment enhances one’s physique. Skinny, bell-bottoms, cropped proposals are many, even more if we evaluate the issue of color and washes. Meanwhile, here, with our PodCast, you can discover history and curiosity about jeans.

Jeans outfit: 10 denim brands to know

Who is good white jeans?

Denim was born blue, so much so that in America they call it “blue jeans”. But the washing technology and the used effect that the younger generations like, offers the possibility of space. The most worked skins are good for those who are tall because they show the full beauty of the stone-washes motif. For those with a medium-low stature we suggest to focus on a single color, without nuances. Black is good for everyone and, as we know, it streamlines, like dark blue canvas. White is a cult: it enhances feminine forms and can also be worn in winter with camel or cocoa shades.

Let’s talk about pockets

For those with a round “b” side (think of the beautiful Jennifer Lopez), go ahead with large pockets. pockets on the sides or legs do not conceal but accentuate the Cheval culottes.

High or low waist?

The 2000s were marked deeply by the low waist after two decades of high life. Beyond fashions, the low cut is suitable for those with a proportioned physique, while the high waist is perfect for those who want to lengthen their legs and slim the figure.

Models guide: paw, skinny, mom jeans …

  • Flared jeans: the 70s model is suitable for those with a soft physique on their hips, the “bell” visually balances the shapes.

  • Skinny jeans: those of Kate Moss, therefore adherent as a second skin. They are good for those with a toned physique and with barely hinted curves.

  • Regular jeans: straight leg, these are all good, they are also suitable for playing with style.

  • Mom jeans: the typical model of the 80s / 90s is characterized by high waist, straight but soft leg and hem (or turn-up) at the ankle. They are suitable for those who want to slim the figure and have a narrow waist.

  • Boyfriend jeans: they have a medium-low horse and a medium-low waist, they are suitable for those with an androgynous physique.

  • Cropped jeans: wide leg and mid-calf cut. The model is also suitable for those with a short stature, but you need to balance the final look with a heel and a tight top to avoid shortening the figure.

  • Wide jeans: close-fitting on the sides and side “b”, they go straight down to the edge. They are perfect for those with accentuated curves, ideal with a pair of heels to slim the figure.

  • Bermuda jeans: fun model that fits everyone. Try it in the hot summer.

  • Jeans shorts: the cult model most loved by teenagers. We recommend them on vacation (not in the city).


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