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Jaylen Brown: Amid pandemic, ‘people of color are suffering the most,’ says NBA star

Jaylen Brown: Amid pandemic, ‘people of color are suffering the most,’ says NBA star

Brown, 23, is well ahead of his years, both on and off the field. Two seasons ago, he helped lead Boston to a NBA final win and, in doing so, pushed LeBron James to the limit.

Now he’s telling people in his home state of Georgia to stay home, despite Governor Brian Kemp announcing that some businesses will reopen starting on Friday.

Jaylen Brown: Amid pandemic, 'people of color are suffering the
Jaylen Brown: Amid pandemic, ‘people of color are suffering the

“As a native of Georgia, I feel uncomfortable having family and friends who will be the first to return to society,” he told Christina Macfarlane of CNN.

“I don’t want Georgia to be … the guinea pig for what the economy is trying to do and restart.”

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“Modest beginnings”

Brown speaking is not new. He is vice chairman of the National Basketball Players Association executive committee and has engaged in social justice discussions for years.

“I just feel compelled,” said Brown, using his platform to influence society. “Coming from the community where I come from, even if I was able to increase my social mobility by being an athlete and having a certain level of economy, I have just started out modestly.”

Most recently, he wrote an editorial for the British newspaper Guardian, in which he claimed that Covid-19 had exposed American inequality. While some gamers practice trap shots on social media, Brown uses his quarantine time differently.

“I think that systemically, there are aspects of our health care that need to be addressed,” said Brown. “I think there have been elephants in the room of this country for a long time.”

He added: “When I look at President Trump and look at some of these officials, it just causes more anxiety and more panic, because I don’t feel like people are on the same page. “wave. I think we should be united in our It is not a political game.”

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Frank statements like that of a young man, who has already accomplished so much in basketball, whether it be money or fame, reveal his desire for something more. Something bigger than himself or the game of basketball.

Brown dunks against the Atlanta Hawks at TD Garden on January 3.
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“People of color suffer”

Brown wants to make a difference. Not when he is 30 years old. Not after retirement. He has no time to waste, especially because of the pandemic.

“Our communities, our families, our neighborhoods are affected,” he said, adding that the NBA and the players must “enter the community, benefit the people and try to improve it because America is currently lacking.” medical res. And I think people of color suffer the most. ”

As far as he and the rest of the league will resume play?

“We just want to make sure that we don’t do it at the expense of anyone or anything else. I care about my society, my community, my people in general. So I want to continue to see the NBA do the right thing. ”

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In all cases, Brown will appear again in court. Her skills will be on display for Celtics fans – in person and on television. The Georgia native could even lead Boston to a championship someday.

But right now, he’s fully focused on the task at hand, and it’s anything but fun and games.

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