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Jason Genao Net Worth: Jason Genao is an American actor with a net worth of $ 400,000. He is best known for playing in the television series On My Block.

Jason Genao was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in July 1996. He played the role of Napoleon in the television series The Get Down from 2016 to 2017. Genao began playing Ruby Martinez in the television series Netflix On My Block in 2018 He played the role of Rictor in the movie Logan in 2017.

He also appeared in episodes of the TV series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and God Friended Me. Genao also appeared in the movies Ladrones and Max Winslow and the House of Secrets and in the short film The Priest. In 2019, he was nominated for a prize from the Imagen Foundation for best actor – Television for On My Block. Jason Genao appeared in an episode of the Noches con Platanito series in 2018.

Jason Genao Net Worth
Jason Genao Net Worth

Jason Genao Knows He is Made For TV

It was in 2020 that actor Jason Genao was casted as Napoleon in the television series, The King of the Castle. He was the winner of the role in a joint casting and production opportunity between the United States Army Signal Corps and American Public Media (APM). Genao made a very nice appearance on the show and enjoyed the experience so much that he decided to join the program full time.

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“The King of the Castle” is a twenty-four-episode television series based on the Heroes World Hero Epic. In this drama series, Napoleon Bonaparte is the main character. The epic describes Napoleon’s military career, which started at the Battle of Waterloo. Some of the other characters in the storyline include Frederick Barbarossa, Richard the Lionheart, Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon’s father Joseph Bonaparte, General Dumas and Josephine Bonaparte.

Genao was chosen as a popular actor for the role of Napoleon because he looked similar to the historical figure. He said that he has been fascinated by the characters that have depicted different important events of history since childhood. The goal of the production team was to bring more attention to Napoleon’s life by portraying his story in a highly interesting and engaging way.

Genao’s favorite cartoon characters include Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, The Flintstones, Hello Kitty, The Power Puff Girls, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, and Nintendo. “Fritz the Cat” is one of his favorite movies of all time. He has written and directed two short films based on this film. Both feature a cameo by the famous French actor.

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Genao grew up in Northern California and was very good at sports. He was a member of the cross country and track teams at the University of California, Berkeley. Genao was also a member of the basketball team for four years. He excelled in basketball and was even recruited by the NBA before he finished college.

Jason Genao was able to portray Napoleon in “The King of the Castle” because he already possessed the acting skills that show of. His playing ability was honed during the thirteen years that he spent in the US Army. He served in the United States Army Signal Corps for three years and completed a month long active duty mission in Afghanistan. He served in the United States Army as a psychologist. During this time he attended an international military training school in Connecticut.

Jason Genao has been featured in several films and documentaries. The majority of his appearances have been in movies such as “Ladrones and Max Winslow”Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”. He also had a very successful turn in the CBS program, The Amazing Race.

General Genao plays a part in the television series, “Battle of the Knight”. He was very grateful for being invited to play the part of Napoleon, because he thought that playing this part would improve his acting skills. This series was also directed by Bryan Singer, one of the best directors today.

Jason Genao has been very involved in the Sacramento Kings Foundation. He serves as the franchise’s vice president of basketball operations. He has also received many honors including the season’s MVP award from the fans in the Republic of Ireland. He also received an award from the Republic of Ireland Basketball Federation and has been chosen as one of the teams’ ambassador.

As a part of the season’s thank you gift, Jason Genao was presented with a plaque for the Republic of Ireland national championship trophy. It was very exciting to be given this award. It is a great honor for someone to receive such a wonderful award. It really means a lot because I really believe that the team did a great job.

Jason Genao was also happy that the players received some well deserved rest. He was worried about his co-stars, because he wanted them to keep doing well. He also wanted to try and see how the cast and crew did it. There were quite a few people in the production that he respected.

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