Jasmine Sokko’s new Mandarin MV and the looks to buy

Since the debut of his first film, 1057, in 2016, we have put Jasmine Socco on our radar. This time, the local songwriter, known for her mysterious audiences and masks, has made a name for herself in the music industry with chart-topping hits that won’t make you hit the skip button.

Word has it that the impression is so effective that some of his classmates here at university are oblivious to the fact that they have a Spotify chart-topper among them.

“wp-image-82578 size-large” title=”Jasmine Sokko’s new Mandarin MV and the looks to buy” src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Jasmine-Sokko-1024×576.jpg” alt=”Jasmine Sokko’s new Mandarin MV and the looks to buy” width=”618″ height=”348″ /> Jasmine Sokko’s new Mandarin MV and the looks to buy

“During the video editing process, my friends and I joked about how the masked artists look at their careers by which they reveal themselves, so we removed the last part of the MV, in which I had to remove my mask. . ” She says.

“After this, (wearing a mask) became more of a statement. I do it because I want people to pay attention to my music before anything else.” Actually, this 25-year-old pop star from Singapore is just She is venturing out her career and is going where she least expected.

Make it to the finals of ‘Raway Ab’

In February 2019, she made history as the only Singaporean and woman to qualify for the finals of China’s biggest electronic music talent competition Rave now, Placing fourth.

Acknowledging that his understanding of Chinese might be better (“It is certainly not efficient to write a good song”), he decided not only to participate in the reality program to discover the country’s culture, But also because it allowed him to perform his full. Range as a musician.

“I like it Rave now Focuses on the producers, and to show that I am one is the perfect avenue for me, ”she says. “People always somehow dismiss the fact that I produce my own music. That means I make everything in one song, including drum beats, guitars, and synthesizers … I think it’s (a male-dominated industry), but I’m sitting in the back of a laptop, which every day The only thing that sits straight for 12 hours to record. If it were any other singing competition, I would have passed on it.

That well-pacified – paired with her pendant to wear black from head to toe – may seem inconsistent to her melodious tone and infinitely catchy sound which she describes as “sad songs for people to dance” Does. (try Injury – As of press time since its debut in August 2018, Spotify has had nearly three million streams.)

The contrast only adds to its esoteric charm. Within six weeks of the release of Rave now In December 2018, his follow on Weibo exceeded 65K.

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The six months he spent in the world’s most populous country have left a lasting impact. Rave now Has taught him that music is as much about performance as it is about good tunes (“details like costumes, set design, lighting, choreography, and props make a lot of difference”), while the Republic of the Internet network has made him more dedicated. His craft.

“The patchy connection was the best thing,” she explains. “I realized that I didn’t miss a lot on social media, and if I had to call myself a musician, how could I spend five hours on my phone and just two hours a day on my music? Now, I would go to my house I push myself to wake up to make a song before I go out or use my phone. ”

Her new Mandarin EP: Mandarin Mandarin Made in Future

Next: To expand its presence in Beijing and its first Chinese EP … Made in future Which dropped worldwide on all digital platforms on 18 November this year.

Is the first single from release The girls – A women’s empowerment anthem, featuring Spitfire Rhym from popular Chinese rapper Wawa. Soko rode in the style of music video to Singapore-style star My Tan.

And if you’re some cool tech gear, that’s the whole game for another type of collab. “I have actually gone to Rowley Seaboards (a synthesizer that bridges electronic and acoustic sound), tap (a wearable keyboard), and mixed reality. I am a sucker for technology, and I want to be a part of the future. ”

It seems

On November 18, when MV was released, Mae Tan, otherwise known as @marxmae on Instagram, shared more about her styling project with a carousel of the singer’s outfits. Here are some of the looks that made the cut:

Dress: Charlotte Knowles London
Boots: Prada

Sincerely: My Tan

Dress: Alexander Wang
Belt: Lowe
Boots: Dion Lee

Sincerely: My Tan

Jasmine Sokko Mandarin EP Outfit 3

Top: Burbari
Belt: Balmain

Sincerely: My Tan

Photography Body we Styling Jonathan Chia Hair & Makeup Using Benedict Chu, Kevin.Murphy and YSL Butte

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